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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Exhibitors from across the U.S. gathered for the Junior National Hereford Expo (JNHE) in Denver, Colo., July 19, but it was Grant Vickland, Longmont, Colo., who walked away with both grand champion steer on hoof and carcass steer honors.

Judge Jeff Mafi, Stillwater, Okla., commented that amongst the 84 steers exhibited Vickland had the most complete steer in the grand drive that combined muscle, shape and structural soundness.

Vickland's champion steer, weighing 1,275 lb., was sired by DB Hard Drive ET. The steer scanned a 14.8 inch ribeye, .42 backfat and a 4.96 marbling score, which calculated to a 2.52 Yield Grade and a carcass weight of 790 lb.

Mafi followed with Chance Deppe, Maquoketa, Iowa, for reserve with an 1,290-lb. steer sired by DB Hard Drive ET.

At check-in ultrasound data was collected on all steers for the carcass contest. Steers were scanned for fat thickness, ribeye area and marbling score.

Tyler Cowan, Maple Hill, Kan., won reserve champion carcass steer honors with a 1,225 lb. steer sired by JCS Showtime. The steer scanned a ribeye area of 12.5 inches, .34 inch backfat and a 4.33 marbling score, which calculated into a 2.94 Yield Grade and a 760-lb. carcass weight.

For JNHE champion pictures, full carcass results and additional news releases, visit Enter “Junior” when prompted for a password. Below is a list of show and contest winners.

Additional results

Class 001: Rylee Barber, Channing, Texas, with an 815 lb. steer.

Class 002: Abby Repenning, Mitchell, S.D., with a 1,065 lb. steer.

Class 003: Mark Largent, Kaycee, Wyo., with an 1,110 lb. steer.

Class 004: Kelsy Goss, Vinton, Calif., with an 1,155 lb. steer

Class 005: Kelsy Goss, with an 1,180 lb. steer.


Class 006: Grady McMahon, Ayr, Neb., with an 1,195 steer.

Class 007: Korbin Collins, Flanagan, Ill., with a 1,225 lb steer.

Class 008: Brianna Abromovitz, Columbia, Mo., with a 1,250 lb. steer.

Class 009: Grant Vickland, with a 1,275 lb. steer.

Class 010: Chance Deppe, with a 1,290 lb. steer.

Carcass Results

Third place: Emily Endres, Watertown, S.D., with a 1,145 lb. steer.

Fourth place: Abby Repenning, with an 1,065 lb. steer.

Fifth place: Mark Largent, with an 1,110 lb. steer.

Sixth place: Taylor Sidwell, Roberts, Mont., with a 1,260 lb. steer.

Seventh place: April Baumgarten, Belfield, N.D., with a 1,185 lb. steer.

Eight place: Kaleb Miller, Clinton, Okla., with a 1,280 lb. steer.

Ninth place: Ashley Middleswarth, Torrington, Wyo., with a 1,230 lb. steer.

Tenth place: Brooke Hinojosa, Alliance, Neb., with a 1,350 lb. steer.

The NJHA is one of the most active junior programs in the country with approximately 3,000 members. The NJHA's mission is to create and promote enthusiasm for the breed while providing opportunities through leadership, education and teamwork. For more information about the NJHA, visit


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