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FORT COLLINS, COLO. (June 7, 2007)— The Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) honored Broseco Ranch with its Commercial Producer of the Year Award June 7 during the organization's 39th annual meeting in Fort Collins, Colo. Broseco Ranch is owned by Broventure Co. Inc., and managed by Tom Woodward. The Red Angus Association of America nominated Broseco Ranch for this prestigious award.

At 300 feet (ft.) of elevation, Broseco Ranch is sandwiched between the Sulphur River and White Oak Creek in northeast Texas. In 1961, Paul Pewitt sold his 45,000-acre spread to Broventure Co. Inc. During the past 46 years, Broventure Co. has operated a commercial cow-calf operation under the banner of Broseco Ranch. The bottomland hardwood timber and a pine farm have been sold, 11,000 acres were taken by the Corp of Engineers, and another 10,000 acres of upland have been sold, leaving 10,000 acres of upland improved pasture in the current operation.

The cow herd consists of 2,700 cows that are exposed for a 60-day, spring breeding season. Yearling replacement heifers are exposed for 45 days. Prior to turning out bulls, they synchronize and artificially inseminate (AI). A normal year will have a breeding herd consisting of 300-400 yearling heifers and 300-400 mature cows. At weaning time, all cows are pregnancy-tested, and all open cows are rebred for fall calving, sold or removed from the herd.

In 1981, the ranch infused Brahman genetics into its primarily English-cross cow herd. Then, in 1984, a three-breed rotational crossbreeding system was established to stabilize the Brahman influence and optimize heterosis. Currently, the genetics used include Red Angus and two composites, SimAngus and Hotlander. A 200-head registered Red Angus herd produces bulls for use on replacement heifers and “balance bulls” for mature cows. They balance the adaptation, maternal, growth and carcass traits to optimize performance at all phases of production.

Since 1988, Broseco has retained ownership on a majority of its production. Calves are individually weighed, preconditioned and electronically identified at weaning. The calves go to a wheat stocker program in the rolling plains of Texas and are then finished in the Southern Plains. The operation is Quality Systems Assessment (QSA) qualified. Finished cattle are sold through a value-based grid-marketing system. Through the Ranchers Renaissance cooperative in partnership with Cargill Meat Solutions, the beef is marketed in the Ranchers Renaissance product line to several major food store chains.

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