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The Red Angus Feeder Calf Certification Program (FCCP) was the Beef industry's first USDA Process Verified Program (PVP), and has a dozen years experience in providing Source Verification to the ranch of origin and USDA audited traceability to Angus bloodlines. Earlier this year the program's process verified claims were expanded to include Age verification.

Over the past decade the Red Angus FCCP has involved over 2,000 producers who have collectively enrolled over a million head of cattle. March 2006 saw FCCP enrollments surpass 22,500 head, marking the fifth month to exceed 20,000 head.

Enrolled cattle are identified by the FCCP's official “yellow” ear tags, which include unique, sequential ID numbers. A “Combo” tag is also available, and provides a “matched set” RFID component for producers who need electronic identification capability. The RFID option utilizes USDA NAIS approved Digital Angel technology. Either tag meets the process verified claims of genetics, source and age. A “Certificate of Compliance” is available for enrolled cattle at no extra charge to producers, and provides documentation for buyers who require process verified age and source to supply export demand.

While the last 12 months have seen the emergence of several USDA process verified age and source programs, the Red Angus FCCP remains the only one that offers Age and Source regulatory compliance while utilizing genotypic verification to supply Angus product lines.

Red Angus Marketing Programs exist to help commercial cow/calf producers capture a greater return on their investment in superior Red Angus Genetics. In addition to providing access to value based grids, Angus product lines, and regulatory compliance for export markets, marketing services for feeder cattle and replacement females are available at no cost to Red Angus bull customers.

For more information about marketing feeder or fed cattle, or how to enroll calves in the Red Angus FCCP, contact Red Angus Marketing Programs at 940.387.3502 or visit us on the web at


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