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The American Angus Association® continued to experience growth in fiscal 2007, which ended September 30. The Association recorded 347,755 registrations, posting a continual increase over the past two decades.

“Association members and commercial producers continue to find value in Angus genetics and the programs the American Angus Association provides to them,” says John Crouch, executive vice president of the American Angus Association. “Producers have faced numerous environmental challenges with excessive drought or flooding, depending on the region, yet they remain confident in Angus genetics and Association services.”

Registrations increased from the previous year, with 347,755 registrations processed. Transfers, which represent the sales of cattle to new owners, remained steady compared to previous years, with nearly 205,000 processed. Of the animals recorded in fiscal 2007, 11.5 percent were embryo transfer calves and more than 50 percent of the registrations were AI sired.

Angus breeders continue to use Beef Improvement Records (BIR) to document performance and focus on genetic improvement. Nearly 9,800 herds submitted more than 353,000 weaning weights to set new records for the breed in both areas. Additionally, yearling ultrasound measurements on nearly 160,000 were submitted, marking a 5 percent increase in the use of that technology.

AngusSource®, a USDA Process Verified Program (PVP), which documents age, source and genetics also experienced growth this year enrolling more than 90,000 head. In June 2006, the Certified Angus Beef LLC (CAB) Board of Directors approved AngusSource-enrolled cattle for evaluation for the CAB Program regardless of hide color, since the cattle are at least 50-percent Angus. AngusSource as well as phenotypic evaluation of Angus-influenced cattle now supply the CAB brand.

A record high 13.5 million cattle were identified for the CAB Program, which sold more than 583 million pounds of CAB brand products this year, the highest figure since 2003.

The American Angus Association is the world's largest beef breed organization, with headquarters in Saint Joseph, Mo. The not-for-profit company and its subsidiaries, Certified Angus Beef LLC, Angus Productions Inc., and Angus Genetics Inc., and its affiliate, the Angus Foundation, provide programs and services for its members and their customers, while promoting the Angus breed and supporting education, youth and research. For more information about the Association, go to


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