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Denver, October 25, 2007 Membership in the nation's oldest and largest cattlemen's organization continues to grow. As of Sept. 30, the National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA) counted 29,029 members - an 8 percent increase over the same time last year.

"NCBA continues to provide leadership and solutions, and those answers come from the rank-and-file membership of cattlemen working on the ground," says Bill Donald, a cow-calf producer from Melville, Mont., and vice chairman of the NCBA Membership Committee. "NCBA succeeds because members direct our policy and have provided real solutions for cattlemen since 1898. With the addition of our field representatives in the country, I'm very optimistic about what we can do in the coming year."

Over the past two years, NCBA has added field representatives working in different regions of the country. The field representatives travel to local meetings and provide another conduit for NCBA members to reach the organization, as well as provide NCBA with a way to carry policy and issue updates into the field.

The largest regional gains for the 2007 fiscal year were posted in NCBA Region IV, which includes Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

NCBA members have often requested increased educational opportunities. Within the last year, National Cattlemen magazine, NCBA's official membership publication, has been redesigned with a producer education focus to help address this need. Circulation was also refocused on NCBA members. In addition, the association launched the Cattlemen to Cattlemen television show on RFD-TV, which includes in-depth producer education segments. Members may also choose to receive weekly e-mail updates and a free electronic newsletter containing producer education information, along with updates on NCBA actions taken in Washington, D.C., that are based on member-developed policies.

"NCBA is comprised of cattlemen who fight for the future of this industry in the face of well-financed activist opposition," says Polly Ruhland, NCBA vice president of affiliate relations and member services. "As an organization with 110 years of experience, we know what it takes to be successful in the public policy arena. Cattlemen serving as volunteer leaders during that time have consistently supplied strength, vision and leadership that is respected in Washington. If you aren't already a NCBA member, please join this year. We need to add your voice to the thousands of cattlemen who are working to keep this industry viable for themselves and their families."


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