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There has never been a better time than now to add Braunvieh genetics into your cattle operation. If you are interested in heavier weaning weights on your calves, more maternal traits in your replacement females, and more overall performance in all of your cattle then Braunvieh is the answer. These traits plus the gentleness that this breed adds to your herd will make you glad you chose the Braunvieh breed. Braunvieh has a natural and genetic ability to excel in today's' market:

1) Braunvieh steers can produce desirable quality grades without adding back fat.

2) Results from past ranch to rail programs showed a higher return from Braunvieh crossed steers.

3) Females out of Braunvieh sires calved unassisted 94.5 percent of the time with 95 percent of the calves surviving to weaning.

4) Braunvieh cattle adapt well to harsh environments. They have survived for hundreds of years in the toughest regions of the world.

5) Braunvieh has a higher efficiency of conversion of feed than other breeds.

6) By 13.5 months of age 94.2 percent of Braunvieh females will have reached puberty and by 14.5 months of age 100 percent of Braunvieh females will have reached puberty.

7) For cross breeding Braunvieh should be your number one choice:

Better carcasses on crossbred Braunvieh steers.

Better grades, less outside fat waste. Feed goes to converting red meat.

Tougher cattle and can perform in hot climates such as the Southeast.

Crossbred replacement female has great maternal traits (milk, fertility).

Heterosis is maximized in crossbreeding with Braunvieh.

The Braunvieh breed is the result of hundreds of years of genetic selection. It is one of the only Fullblood breeds known. It evolved as a dual purpose breed (meat and milk). They are a heavy muscled, moderate frame animal and the carcasses have the natural ability to marble without adding back fat. The breed is also known for being gentle and easy to work with. For cattlemen with small herds who work alone with their cattle this is an important characteristic.

Braunvieh has become synonymous with performance which equals profit for the producer. Braunvieh leads the way in carcass quality and is consistent in providing that quality. The proof is in the end product which shows that Braunvieh will add value and increase profits in today's cattle industry.

A breeder in Oklahoma fed 298 steers and heifers at McLean Feed yards. 94 percent graded choice with 88 percent YG 1 and 2. A premium of $89.00/head was earned on this group of feeders.

A breeder in Nebraska earned a premium of $146.83/head for a pen of Braunvieh-sired steers entered into a feed-out contest at the Great Western Beef Expo.

A breeder in the Southeast earned a premium of $110.17-$146.57/head on Braunvieh-sired feeders with 2.8 percent grading Prime and 91 percent grading choice, the remainder being select-plus.

A breeder in Missouri won the Restaurant and Retail divisions of the National Western Fed Beef Contest with Braunvieh-sired feeders. The top carcass was a 7/8 Braunvieh which graded prime with a YG 1.24.

A breeder in Texas uses Braunvieh in a four breed rotational cross-breeding program. Results of using Braunvieh in that herd has been phenomenal with Braunvieh-sired feeders outperforming all other breed groups. Results of the Braunvieh-sired group had 91 percent grading Choice or Prime, with the balance being select.

A breeder in Mississippi earned a profit of $150/head in a feed test in Garden City, Kansas.

We have over 20 years of performance data to confirm the consistency in which the Braunvieh breed excels in the feedlot and also the ability of the Braunvieh to improve and enhance other breeds. Crossing Braunvieh with Angus improves the quality of the meat and decreases the amount of back fat on the carcass. The Braunvieh-cross female will mature early, have great maternal traits and longevity, which will keep her in production longer.

At Charmax Braunvieh we have strived to maintain a diverse selection of genetics while developing the bloodlines that perform best under extreme conditions, such as we face in the Southeast at this time. Our focus is to offer the very best in Fullblood Braunvieh genetics and secondary is the development of the Braunvieh/Angus F1 female for replacement in the commercial herd.

The Braunvieh breed has captured the attention of the feedlots all over the country and many are seeking out the Braunvieh influenced feeders because the quality of the carcass has been consistent. That translates into a win-win situation for everyone because the producer will earn more for the better grading carcass and the consumer will have a higher quality end product which is what this is all about.


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