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Lincoln, Neb. -- Consistent with last year, a high percentage of the Braunvieh entries placed in the 2007 Beef Empire Days Live Animal and Carcass Show Contest. Six out of 16 Braunvieh entries placed in the top 25 in the contest. The 16 Braunvieh graded 88 percent Choice or higher and 69 percent were Yield Grade 1s or 2s. Entries were fed and entered by Decatur County Feed Yard, Oberlin, Kansas.

Ridgefield Farms, Brasstown, N.C., led the way in the 92-head heifer division with fourth, sixth and 23rd place carcass finishes. All heifers came out of Ridgefield's progressive calf buyback program from bull customer Ronnie Bandy. The fourth place carcass was YG 2.13, average Choice, weighed 1,205 lbs. live and was a Braunvieh-Red Angus cross.

The sixth place carcass was YG 2.49, Prime, weighed 1,265 lbs. live, and was a Braunvieh-Black Angus cross. The 23rd place carcass was a YG 2.43, Choice minus, weighed 1,150 lbs. live, and was a Braunvieh-Black Angus cross.

Braunvieh entries also placed well in the steer division. Brink Livestock, Piedmont, Kan., had the seventh and ninth placings with MCB Eureka Chief-sired progeny competing against 102 total entries. The seventh place carcass was a YG 2.49, average Choice carcass that weighed 1,365 lbs. live, and the ninth place carcass was YG 1.97, Choice minus and weighed 1,460 lbs. Both were out of registered Braunvieh cows and were the only two animals Brink Livestock entered. Brink cattle also placed in last year's carcass contest. Perennial top carcass contest contender Keith Osborn, Caney, Kan., placed 15th with his lone entry sired by JVF Mighty Mo, which was a three-quarter Braunvieh one-quarter Angus steer. His entry was a YG 2.0, Choice minus that weighed 1,370 lbs. live.

Also representing the Braunvieh breed was Rocking L Cattle, Ulysses, Kansas, who had the 16th place heifer which he fed at home and sent to the contest.

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