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Topeka, KS – Over 300 attendees enjoyed the Kansas 4-H Foundation's eighth bi-annual Gourmet Getaway, November 1. In support of the Kansas 4-H Foundation's awards and recognition program for outstanding 4-H members, Gourmet Getaway provides participants an elegant cooking school experience in the pristine environment of Rock Springs, a 4-H camp and conference center located south of Junction City.

Three chefs were invited to showcase different cooking styles and techniques for the event and Chef Dave Zino of the National Cattlemen's Beef Association Culinary Center in Chicago was one of them. The culinary center is the leading beef and veal authority and is funded by the beef checkoff program. Each year numerous recipes and concepts are developed and tested at the culinary center. Chef Zino introduced umami, the fifth taste to the crowd showcasing beef's umami effects which was fitting for the event titled “Pairing Pizazz.” Umami flavor is intensified when beef is paired with the right foods and drinks.

In addition, participants saw presentations from Chef Stephen Giunta the culinary director for Cargill Foodservice Meat Solutions, who served as a personal chef for President and Mrs. Ronald Reagan and Chef Kenneth Baker, executive chef and owner of Pachamama's in Lawrence.

Participants were not only able to learn great pairing techniques from each chef, but were then able to sample and savor the featured recipes throughout the day. Kansas Beef Council Director of Marketing, Sharla Huseman who attended the event along with Chef Zino said, “Beef and umami were well received by the crowd and we can be assured beef will be top-of-mind when they prepare the recipes they learned about during Gourmet Getaway at home.”


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