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Kingsville, Texas –More than one hundred seventy junior Santa Gertrudis members traveled to Albuquerque, N.M. to compete in the 2007 National Junior Santa Gertrudis Heifer Show, June 18-22, 2007. The week long event brought juniors and their families to the southwest state from 14 different states including: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Texas. Juniors that week showed three hundred seventy-eight head Santa Gertrudis females. Of those, seventy-one females were bred and owned and competed in that respective show. The Santa Gertrudis Star Five (percentage female) continues to grow with forty-seven entries. Along with that juniors competed in leadership contest ranging from public speaking to brain bowl. During the awards banquet the National Santa Gertrudis Youth Foundation awarded thirteen scholarships this year totaling more than $30,000 to graduating Santa Gertrudis seniors. This year the NSGYF also increased their top scholarship from $5,000 to $6,000. The NSGYF also awarded two top scholarships to deserving graduating seniors.

The female Santa Gertrudis show saw juniors competing for twenty donated heifers, belt buckles, premiums and much more. The donated heifer program awards a heifer, donated by various ranches, to each class winner in the purebred Santa Gertrudis female show. The donated heifer program also awards the Best of Polled Female; champion Bred and Owned and champion Star Five with donated females. This year's show saw an increase from nineteen donated heifers to twenty.

The purebred females were judged on Thursday, June 21st with Mr. Brett Barber, Barber Ranch, Channing, Texas doing the honors. Judge Barber selected SR Isabella 557, sired by Wendt Geronimo 3983 as the Grand Champion Female of the 2007 National Junior Santa Gertrudis Heifer Show. The December 2005, born female exhibited by Abby Loessin, Robstown, Texas, was also named the Yearling Champion Female. Abby's heifer donor for her class winning female is Olivarez Ranches, Mission, Texas. The Reserve Grand Champion Female, HF Grace 122, sired by CB 0548 was exhibited by Anna McDaniel, Alpharetta, Georgia. The November 2005, female was also named the Reserve Yearling Champion Female.

Champion and Reserve Champion Division listed below include heifer donors: Champion Heifer Calf, Utley 20/6, 5/15/2006, by Utley 1/6, Baillie McManners, Conroe, Texas, 2007 Heifer Donor: Minix Cattle Co, Texas; Reserve Champion Heifer Calf, 4M's Velvet 21/7, 2/2/2007, by 953C JP Couch, Philip Mynarcik, West, Texas; 2007 Heifer Donor: Double TT Ranch, Texas; Champion Junior Heifer Calf, Georgia 106, 4/2/2006, by Robin Hood 99/9, Jeremy McMillan, Perdue Hill, Ala., 2007 Heifer Donor: Cherokee Ranch, Colo.; Reserve Champion Junior Heifer Calf, D Bar J 622, 1/19/2006, by D Bar J 302, Lauren Minix, Joshua, Texas, 2007 Heifer Donor: Strait Ranches, Texas; Champion Yearling Heifer, SR Isabella 557, 12/1/2005, by Wendt Geronimo 3983, Abby Loessin, Robstown, Texas, 2007 Heifer Donor Olivarez Ranches, Texas; Reserve Champion Yearling Heifer, HF Grace 122, 11/1/2005, by CB 0548, Anna McDaniel, Alpharetta, Ga.; Senior Champion Female, SR 446 (ET), 10/29/2004, by Mr. CVF 2022, Abby Loessin, Robstown, Texas, 2007 Heifer Donor: Red Doc Farm, N.M.; Reserve Senior Champion Female, Miss WF 502, 4/9/2005, by Wendt 6364, Dayne Wunderlich, Brenham, Texas, 2006 Heifer Donor: Jerome Urbanosky & Family, Texas.

The second day of showing saw Mr. Jack Ward, Kansas City, Mo. sort through the Best of Polled class, Bred and Owned females and Star Five percentage females. In the Best of Polled show over 125 purebred females competed for the honor of Best of Polled female, when it was all done, Rose Hill 7, exhibited by Erin Compian, Iola, Texas walked away with the honors. The female Rose Hill 7, is sired by DF Playboy 281, with a date of birth of 1/6/2007. The 2007 Heifer Donor for the Best of Polled class is Lazy E Ranch, Texas. Mr. Ward then sorted through the seventy-one Bred and Owned females. Championship honors went to Miss WF Annie 533, sired by Wendt 6364. The 11/13/2005, female was exhibited by Dayne Wundelrich, Brenham, Texas. The 2007 Heifer Donor was Wendt Ranch, Texas. The Reserve Champion Bred and Owned Female was exhibited by Jake Powell, Robstown, Texas. His female JP 1/6, sired by Wendt 5823 is a 5/22/2006 female. The ever growing Star Five female show had forty-seven entries for evaluation. Making her second appearance in the winners circle for the week, Anna McDaniel, Alpharetta, Ga., exhibited CR Star 1021 to Champion Star Five honors, the 10/21/2005 female was produced by a Santa Gertrudis female and a Hereford sire. The 2007 Heifer Donor is Arrow W Ranch, Okla. The Reserve Champion Star Five Female honor went to Lauren Grainger, Brenham, Texas. Lauren's female, Harris Farms 652/6, a 3/8/2006 female was produced by a Santa Gertrudis sire, Harris Farms 17/3 and an Angus female.

Thank you to all the sponsors and donors of the 2007 National Junior Santa Gertrudis Heifer Show. For a complete list of cattle show, contest and scholarship winners please visit Santa Gertrudis Breeders International website at


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