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Spitzer Ranch holds Member Number 15594 issued May 25, 1982 shortly after they moved to South Carolina and purchased their first Registered Brangus cows. Their motto of Profitable Genetics from Performance Cattlemen has led them to an unrelenting pursuit of breeding a set of Brangus cows that produce the kind of profitable performance demanded by the commercial cattle industry. For 25 years their MOTIVATION has been customer profitability, their HISTORY has been use of high accuracy proven sires, their DRIVE has been reliable performance data, their PASSION has been multi-trait genetics and those criteria RESULT in predictable performance.

If you are the kind of Professional Cattlemen driven by the desire to make a profit in today's economic climate, take a close look at the Spitzer Ranch program. Learn about the profit opportunities created by producing Brangus crossbred cows with all the advantages of the increased heterosis in maternal ability and longevity. And, the Spitzer Ranch Brangus-sired steer offspring grow, gain, yield and quality grade with the credentials most in demand by the feedlot and packing sectors of the industry.

Their forage based testing program is designed to develop bulls and not to achieve maximum gains. You will see bull programs with higher weight gains, but none with bulls developed to be more sound and functional. Spitzer Ranch bulls carry just the right amount of condition to be turned out with cows and they will not fall apart.

Bulls in the 2007-2008 Spitzer Ranch Growth Testing Program were weaned and started on test on July 21, 2007 with an average weight of 639 pounds - right off Mamma - no creep feed - no warm-up period. Due to dramatic differences in forage and rainfall among our cooperators, there is more variation in weights on-test than we have ever experienced. However, most of these differences will be moderated, if not eliminated, by the end of our 168-Day program. For this reason and many others it is always more important that you pay very close attention to EPDs rather than actual growth data.

Average EPDs for Non-Parents (not old enough to have sired a calf) from the Spring 2007 Brangus Sire Summary are: Birth Weight of 2.2; Weaning Weight of 23.6; Milk of 7.7; Total Maternal of 19.5 and Yearling Weight of 39.1. Compare those Breed Average EPDs with the Average EPDs of all bulls in the Spitzer Ranch Growth Testing Program which are: Birth Weight of 1.4; Weaning Weight of 33.9; Milk of 13.1; Total Maternal of 30.1 and Yearling Weight of 52.6.

That's right; these bulls are genetically designed to be different from breed average bulls. What other program can provide the commercial cattle producer with a Birth Weight EPD almost a full pound less than breed average and at the same time yield the increased growth that comes with Weaning Weight and Yearling Weight EPDs, respectively, that are 10.3 and 13.5 pounds greater than breed average. Lots of folks talk about producing “Curve Bender Bulls” -- this program delivers them.

There are no other programs we know of that provide those low birth weight, high growth bulls that sire the kind of daughters that put more milk into your cows. These bulls have Milk EPDs that are almost two times greater than the average for the breed. If you need bulls that will sire calves that come easy, have increased growth potential and will sire the kind of daughters that will keep you in the cattle business for the long haul, you are invited to come take a look.

The Spitzer's and their cooperators have 49 bull calves being evaluated for this year's offering. After their 168-day growth testing period all bulls will be ultrasound scanned for carcass value and complete performance, EPD and ultrasound data will be published. They additionally expect to sell close to 100 Brangus influence females sired by their bulls and out of the cow herds of their customers. These will be Superior Replacement Cows!

These 49 bulls are sired by a powerful lineup of Brangus Trait Leading AI Sires like Aces TF Wrangler 145/8, Brinks Easy Street 30D37, Burtin's Transformer 803G3, Cadence of Brinks 535D3 and SR Wrangler Warrior L107; and the best sons of Cadence and Easy Street that make up their powerful young bull battery. The key to the Spitzer Ranch Program has always been to stack generations of proven Trait Leader sires through an aggressive breeding program.

The Fifteenth Annual Spitzer Ranch Performance Tested Brangus Bull Sale and “Black Gold” Commercial Brangus Female Sale will be Saturday, February 23, 2008 at the Martin and Martin Cattle Company, Inc. Sale Facility near Williamston, SC. Please mark your calendars and watch future issues for advertisements and News Releases concerning this event.

Additionally, the Spitzers mail an informative Newsletter three times each year as well as their Sale Catalog in early February. You can reach them at 864/972-9140 or e-mail spitzeranch to be added to their mailing list.


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