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Mike Nolin, the Iowa Beef Breeds Council President has announced that the Iowa Beef Breeds Council has started a program in which each breed holding a sale at the Iowa Beef Expo will have the opportunity to present a $250 Iowa Beef Expo Heifer Award sponsored by the Iowa Beef Breeds Council to a junior exhibitor who purchased and exhibited a heifer from their breed sale.

Each breed association will develop their own criteria for this award. Listed below are the two requirements of the Iowa Beef Breeds Council.

The Iowa Beef Breeds Council will award $250 to the junior exhibitor of the highest ranking heifer purchased from each breed sale at the 2007 Iowa Beef Expo and exhibited at the 2007 Iowa State Fair. Heifers will be ranked at the discretion of each breed association under the following conditions:

1.      The heifer must have been purchased in an Iowa Beef Expo sanctioned sale and exhibited by a junior at the 2007 Iowa State Fair.

2.      Only one heifer per breed sale (11 total) will be awarded. Therefore, high and low percentage cattle will be considered for one award. Furthermore, cattle with multiple breed registrations may only be awarded by the breed association which sold those cattle at the 2007 Iowa Beef Expo.

The Iowa Foundation For Agricultural Advancement graciously allowed us to present these awards during the Scholarship and Awards Presentation preceding the “Sale of Champions” at the Iowa State Fair on Saturday, August, 18, 2007.

The recipients are as follows:

Angus: Tyler Orman of Ottumwa

Charolais: Justin Pfeifer of Russell

Gelbvieh: Tyler Beenken of Buckingham

Polled Hereford/Hereford: Michael Carlson of Cherokee

Maine-Anjou: Charlie Wilson of Miles

Salers: Mandy Moses of Davenport

Shorthorn: Tucker Black of Batavia

Simmental: Bailey Core of Pleasantville


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