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There is nothing better for youth to learn career skills to be successful in life than a Junior National! This is why Salers junior enthusiasts across the country showed their enthusiasm for Missouri and participated in “Kickin' It Up In The Ozarks” at the 2008 American Salers Junior National, June 24-28 at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds, in Springfield, Missouri. Young people from ten different states put forth great effort to participate in the heifer show as well as the other educational contests.

The competition in the barn was as hot as it was outside throughout the fun filled educational week. Travis Pembrook from Fairview, Oklahoma had the challenge of judging the tough competition that paraded by him.

Grand Champion Heifer: Ashley Collins, Westville, Okla. – H & S Miss Tootsie, born March 24, 2007, Sire: H & S Mac.

Reserve Champion Heifer: Timothy Street, Cave City, Ark. – JCGC Southerncomfort 691, born Sept. 19, 2006, Sire: HUBB Pld Dakota 41K.

Division Heifer Winners

Grand Champion Heifer Calf: John Reasor, Wildwood, Ga. – JCGC Pld Bullet 219M, born Sept. 1, 2007, Sire: JCGC Pld Bullet 219M.

Reserve Champion Heifer Calf: Melissa, McCoy, Buhl, Id. – RCM P Blk Tally 749T, born Aug. 6, 2007, Sire: KKCC Blk Pld Matrix 304N.

Grand Champion Intermediate Heifer Calf: Named Champion Heifer.

Reserve Champion Intermediate Heifer Calf: Lane Nolting, Stover, Mo. - KKCC Pld Ruby 754T, born Mar. 14, 2007, Sire: DJF Navajo 93N.

Grand Champion Junior Heifer: Tanner Mooney, Commerce, Ga. – JCGC Two Timin' 770T, born Jan. 13, 2007, Sire: JGK Bouncer.

Reserve Champion Junior Heifer: Derek Lee Stewart, Mulhall, Okla. – Ice Princess, born Jan. 16, 2007, Sire: GGT P Blk Stout 111N.

Grand Champion Senior Heifer: Named Reserve Champion Heifer

Reserve Champion Senior Heifer: Jamie Maze, Goreville, Ill. – H & S Miss Starburst, born Nov. 1, 2006, Sire: H&S Mac.

Grand Champion Bred and Owned Heifer

Timothy Street, Cave City, Ark. – TDS Saphire 87S, born Dec. 21, 2006, Sire: TRM Future 0212.

Reserve Champion Bred and Owned Heifer: Derek Lee Stewart, Mulhall, Okla. – Ice Princess, born Jan. 16, 2007, Sire: GGT P Blk Stout 111N.

Grand Champion Optimizer Heifer: Timothy Street, Cave City, Ark. – TDS Saphire 87S, born Dec. 21, 2006, Sire: TRM Future 0212.

Reserve Champion Optimizer Heifer: Amy Treece, Isabella, Okla. – LJWS Starburst 106T, born Dec. 29, 2007, Sire: DWB Romeo 502R.

Grand Champion Cow/Calf Pair: Sheyann Moore, Norfork, Ark. – JCGC Pld Special 612S, born Feb. 5, 2006, Sire: JCGC Pld Pride 445P. Bull Calf: THAT Pld Blk Campbell 40U, born Jan. 24, 2008, Sire: LARU Pld Blk Granite 719.

Reserve Champion Cow/ Calf Pair: Brenton Salyers, Billings, Mo. – HUBB Pld Nichole 309N, born Feb. 4, 2003, Sire: HUBB Pld Dakota 41 K. Heifer Calf: SSS Ms Up-Town 309U, born March 6, 2008, Sire: SSS Mr Big Deal 201S.

Supreme Grand Champion Steer: Amy Treece, Isabella, Okla. – ALTS Born to Party 50T, weight – 682 lbs., Sire: Party Boy.

Reserve Supreme Champion Steer: Casey Crow, Thompson, Mo. – LMB Jerry Lee 472T, weight – 1,300 lbs., Sire: MBF Dusty Renegade L105.

Division Steer Winners

Grand Champion Prospect Steer: Named Supreme Grand Champion Steer.

Reserve Champion Prospect Steer: Lane Nolting, Stover, Mo. – KKCC Peanut 727T, weight – 1,035 lbs., Sire: KKCC Prairie Fire 515R.

Grand Champion Market Steer: Named Supreme Reserve Champion Steer.

Reserve Champion Market Steer: Lendie Nolting, Stover, Mo. – DJF 062T, weight – 1,100 lbs., Sire: DJF Polled Malone 723M.

Grand Champion Junior Bull Calf: Sheyann Moore, Norfork, Ark. – THAT Pld Blk Campbell 40U, born Jan. 24, 2008, Sire: LARU Pld Blk Granite 719.

Reserve Champion Junior Bull Calf: Amanda Liebhart, New Boston, Mo. – AJL Uptown 801U, born Jan. 2, 2008, Sire: LMB Starsky 127S.

At the end of the cattle show, the two top showmen were awarded the most highlighted awards of the whole show. Those who wanted to participate in this contest had to pre-enter, fit and show their own animal. Participants were judged throughout the cattle show on their fitting and showing skills. In addition to Travis Pembrook, Matt Crutcher, Mo., assisted in the evaluation of these young people.

Grand Champion Showdown Showman: Timothy Stree, Cave City, Ark.

Reserve Champion Showdown Showman: Melissa McCoy, Buhl, Id.

Winning Andes clippers was the highlight of the No-Fit Showmanship contests. Participants exhibited their no-fit animals in their division where they were judged on showmanship and answers for questions asked by the judge. The Grand Champion Showman of each division won Andes clippers.

Grand Champion No-Fit Senior Showman: Tim Street, Cave City, Ark.

Reserve Champion No-Fit Senior Showman: Lori Guthals, Gower, Mo.

Grand Champion No-Fit Intermediate Showman: John Reasor, Wildwood, Ga.

Reserve Champion No-Fit Intermediate Showman: Sheyann Moore, Norfork, Ark.

Grand Champion No-Fit Junior Showman: Tony Hunsaker, Buhl, Id.

Reserve Champion No-Fit Junior Showman: Kylee Kohls, Litchfield, Minn.

At Junior National it's not all about individual competition but team and state competition. One state contest was the State Best Five Head where the state with the best of five head.

Grand Champion State Best Five Head: Arkansas.

Some of the team contests were quiz bowl, livestock judging, and team fitting. High individuals were also awarded for these contests as well.

Quiz Bowl

Senior Champion Team: Tim Street, Cave City, Ark.; Jeremy Dyer, Rising Fawn, Ga.; Amy Treece, Isabella, Okla.; Sarah Treece, Isabella, Okla.

Intermediate Champion Team: Emily Crow, Thompson, Mo.; Miranda Zumbehl, New Bloomfield, Mo.; Allison Liebhart, New Boston, Mo.; Chris Becker, Hiwasse, Ark.

Junior Individual Champions: 1st – Kylee Kohls, Litchfield, Minn.; 2nd – Lendi Nolting, Stover, Mo.; 3rd – Garrett Barringer, Buncombe, Ill.; 4th – Madyson Maze, Goreville, Ill.; 5th – Tony Hunsaker, Buhl, Id.

Grand Champion Team Fitting: Brenton Salyers, Billings, Mo., Sarah Treece, Isabella, Okla., Chris Becker, Hiwasse, Ark. and Ashley Salyers, Billings, Mo.

Reserve Champion Team Fitting: Tim Street, Cave City, Ark., Jeremy Dyer, Rising Fawn, Ga., John Reasor, Wildwood, Ga. and Tanner Mooney, Commerce, Ga.

Livestock Judging Contest Winners:

High Junior Individuals

1st – Mason Love, Baltimore, Ohio; 2nd – Garrett Barringer, Buncombe, Ill.; 3rd – Jeanna Stewart, Mulhall, Okla.

High Intermediate Team

Hagan Hunsaker, Buhl, Id.; Alexandria Wolf, Buhl, Idaho; Haleigh Pike, Mitchell, Neb.

High Intermediate Individuals: 1st: John Reasor, Wildwood, Ga.; 2nd: Neal Barnett, Wellington, Mo.; 3rd: Alexandria Wolf, Buhl, Idaho.

High Senior Team; Lexie Nolting, Stover, Mo.; Lori Guthals, Gower, Mo.; Melanie Barnett, Wellington, Mo.; Derek Stewart, Mulhall, Okla.

High Senior Individuals: 1st: Jeremy Dyer, Rising Fawn, Ga.; 2nd: Timothy Street, Cave City, Ark.; 3rd: Chet Hunsaker, Buhl, Idaho.

High Adult Individuals: 1st – Teresa Kohls, Litchfield, Minn.; 2nd – Dallas Maze, Goreville, Ill.; 3rd – Rhonda Maze, Goreville, Ill.

Intermediate Team Marketing High Team

Haliegh Pike, Mitchell, Neb.; Alexandria Wolf, Buhl, Id.; Hagen Hunsaker, Buhl, Id.; and Chris Becker, Hiwasse, Ark.

Senior Team Marketing High Team: Brenton Salyers, Billings, Mo.; Sarah Treece, Isabella, Okla.; and Katie Undem, Circle, Mont.

Throughout the week, ASJA members competed in contests for points to win the high overall individual awards which were given in each division. The winners of the high individual awards were:

Overall High Senior Individuals: 1st - Tim Street, Cave City, Ark.; 2nd – Amy Treece, Isabella, Okla.

Overall High Intermediate Individuals: 1st – John Reasor, Wildwood, Ga.; 2nd – Alexandria Wolf, Buhl, Idaho.

Overall High Junior Individuals: 1st – Garrett Barringer, Buncombe, Ill.; 2nd – Tony Hunsaker, Buhl, Idaho.

The Queen and Princess contests were also popular contests for the ladies. The ASA Queen and Princess represent the American Salers Association throughout the year by attending national Salers shows.

ASA Queen and Princess

Queen – Jamie Maze, Goreville, Ill.

Princess – Lexie Nolting, Stover, Mo.

ASA Little Princesses

Little Princess – Haliegh Pike, Mitchell, Neb. Little Princess Court – Alexandria Wolf, Buhl, Id. and Lendi Nolting, Stover, Mo.

Intermediate Princess – Madyson Maze, Goreville, Ill.

Intermediate Princess Court – Lyndsie Curtis, Mo., Brenley Barringer, Buncombe, Ill., Ashley Barringer, Buncombe, Ill., Morgan Love, Baltimore, Oh., Morgan Street, Cave City, Ark., and Ameila Liebhart, New Boston, Mo.

In the end, a premier exhibitor, premier breeder and state herdsmanship were recognized for their outstanding participation and support.

Premier Exhibitor: Amy Treece, Isabella, Okla.

Premier Breeder: Colmore Farms, Rising Fawn, Ga.

State Herdsmanship Award: Arkansas

The ASJA is a junior association of the American Salers Association. The ASJA's mission is to enhance the Salers breed, involve and educate junior Salers enthusiasts and to develop future leaders for the Beef Cattle Industry.

Each year the ASJA has a Junior National where ASJA members compete with members from across the United States. The highlight of the Junior National is the National Heifer, Steer, Bull Calf and Cow/Calf Show. The week is also full of educational workshops and events unique to each junior show location.


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