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Possessing a compassionate and giving character, along with his advocacy for hard work, Stan Thomas of Three Trees Ranch, Sharpsburg, Ga., has become a highly respected and appreciated man in the Angus industry.

For his continual financial support and service to the Angus breed, Thomas was inducted into the Honorary Angus Foundation at the National Junior Angus Show (NJAS), July 13-19, in Des Moines, Iowa.

Each year outstanding supporters of the National Junior Angus Association (NJAA) are selected to join the Honorary Angus Foundation. Inductees have shown significant interest and dedication to junior members.

Thomas became an Angus breeder in 1994 when he purchased 100 head of bred cows. Since then his herd has grown to be the second largest American Angus Association® member based on the 1,865 registrations of the last fiscal year. He has generously used his growth to support the NJAA, the Angus Foundation and future leaders of the breed.

“When he has a passion or belief in something he will go out of his way to support that organization,” says Rebecca Tokach, NJAA Foundation director.

Thomas donated the 2005 Angus Foundation Heifer and purchased a portion of the 2003 Foundation heifer. Proceeds from this funding program go to support education, youth and research.

He has provided opportunities for juniors by supporting education and providing donations to raise funds for the young members. “Stan supports junior Angus breeders through the donation of semen from his herd sires and embryos from his famous and valuable donors,” says Dick Beck, Senoia, Ga., general manager of Three Trees Ranch.

Thomas greatly contributed to the success of the annual youth leadership conference, Leaders Engaged in Angus Development (LEAD). He welcomed nearly 200 people to Three Trees Ranch and provided a tour of his operation through which he had his specialists speak to the group about embryo transfer in his operation. In addition to the education, he provided a social atmosphere with a dinner and a dance. The youth got a treat when Thomas offered each a helicopter ride to view his ranch from above.

“The enthusiasm that he showed for the juniors while we were at the ranch proved that he was an excellent candidate for the award,” Tokach says.

Thomas has not only been a contributor through financial means, he is a positive example by his character and interaction with other breeders. “Stan is a warm and compassionate man who always has a smile and a handshake for an Angus breeder, old or young, new or established,” Beck says.

He is recognized throughout the industry as a man of deep and sincere faith, Beck says. “Stan has become an unofficial chaplain for the Angus bred and is often called upon to lead the assembled crowd in prayer at Angus events and sales,” Beck adds. “The example he has set in the opening of his own Angus sales has become the model that many in the industry now follow.”


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