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Beefmaster Breeders United, BBU, has announced that the association will sponsor its fifth commercial replacement female sale on Sunday, April 6, 2008 at the Columbus Livestock Company, Inc., Columbus, Texas. Named BBU's National E6 Replacement Female Sale, the event will feature those highly sought after E6 Commercial Beefmaster Females. The sale will begin at 12:00 noon following “Cowboy” Church services at 9:30 a.m.

In releasing the sale date, BBU President Mike Davis said, “Our Commercial Marketing Committee chaired by Melvin Scherer, Jr. of Victoria, Texas has worked really hard on planning this sale. This is the Fifth National E6 Beefmaster Replacement Sale and comes on the heels of a very successful sale last year.”

Davis went on to say, “We have asked many of our E6 Certified Commercial Female producers to hold cattle for this national event. Many are serving on this committee with Melvin and they have agreed to do just that. We expect to offer 500 head of pairs, bred and open females at this sale.”

The E6 Commercial Beefmaster Female Program was named for the six essentials that the breed was founded on—fertility, conformation, weight, milk production, hardiness and disposition. These are commercial females and although they are issued a commercial female certificate they are not to be confused with registered, purebred Beefmaster females. The association created this program to bring credit to these outstanding commercial females.

Females will be judged in pen competition prior to the sale and the results will be posted on sale date. A minimum age of 12 months by sale date has been set and females up to 48 months of age will be accepted if they have a calf at side. Any female over 38 months must have a calf-at-side. Females must be bred by 24 months of age.

Only females certified in BBU's Certified Commercial E6 Beefmaster Female Program are eligible to sell or her progeny if the owner has E6 females consigned. An E6 certified female is an animal that is the offspring of either a registered Beefmaster bull or female and has been inspected and certified by a member of the BBU staff. Females must be at least 50 percent Beefmaster but may be up to 100 percent Beefmaster. The female will be identified with either an E6 brand or an E6 ear tag once accepted by the BBU inspector. Breeders must be members of the program to be eligible to certify females for the E6 program. The cost to join is $25 a year and the cost to certify females is $10.00 per head or a fee of $100 per visit, which ever is greater.

CATTLE WILL NEED TO BE CERTIFIED FOR THE E6 PROGRAM PRIOR TO THE SALE AND NOT AT THE SALE SITE. All cattle will be screened by the BBU staff or sales management. Anthony Mihalski, San Antonio, Texas, will manage the sale.

BBU has made this announcement early to enable breeders to have ample time to get their cattle ready and to have the breeding status planned for the sale date. For more information on how to get your cattle into the E6 Program contact the BBU office at the phone numbers listed below.

For more information on this sale, please contact, Wendell Schronk or John Newburn, at the BBU office by calling 210/732-3132, or call Melvin Scherer, Jr. at 361/485-0007 or Anthony Mihalski, sale manager, at 210/648-5475. For health requirements and consignment forms contact the sale manager.


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