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Conrad, Iowa (January 2, 2008)—Ritchie Industries, based in Conrad, Iowa, has released a new waterer in their popular WaterMasters series. The new Deep 54 offers a deeper trough allowing for a greater water capacity of 54 gallons or 204 liters. It has an animal capacity of 200 beef or 100 dairy animals. The product also features a larger, front-access panel, two overflow levels and a domed valve cover, which helps keep the waterseal free of dirt and debris.

The WaterMaster series features a heavy-duty, one-piece polyethylene body that holds up even under the weight of cattle and includes six models, including the Deep 54. In each model, the trough slopes to a large drain and can be emptied, cleaned and refilled in a fraction of the time other fountains take to empty. Requiring 75% less energy in the winter than concrete units, the WaterMaster won't pit or cause cleaning problems. They are built for rugged feedlot, pasture and dairy conditions. The solid polyurethane foam insulation keeps water ice-free longer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Additionally, all WaterMaster products meet Grade A dairy recommendations.

Since 1921, Ritchie Industries has manufactured durable, dependable automatic fountains for many species of livestock, including beef, dairy, equine, swine, sheep and goats. The distinct Ritchie design has been the standard bearer of quality. Ritchie fountains continue to serve all sizes of operations and the livestock industry with equipment designed to provide years of trouble-free use. For the name of the Ritchie distributor nearest you, please call 800/747-0222 or visit


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