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Check weights to monitor progress were taken December 10, 2007 which is 140 days since weaning (with no “warm-up” or “adjustment” period following weaning). Bulls now average 354 days of age with an average weight of 1092 pounds. They currently have an average daily gain (ADG) of 3.22 pounds and a weight per day of age (WDA) of 3.09 pounds. With a feeding program balanced to obtain an overall ADG of 3.25 pounds per day, these bulls should finish the 168-day development program very close to being 1200 pound yearlings.

The Spitzer Ranch philosophy is to graze pasture (crabgrass and then rye/ryegrass) and balance a commodity based ration to develop these bulls without getting them fat. The Spitzers have a 25 year history of developing these bulls and know they need to gain somewhere close to 3.25 pounds per day over the 168-day development period between weaning, at about 7 months of age, and when bulls are yearlings. Since they have been developed, not pushed, bulls will carry only about 0.20 inches of fat and will not have to be “let down” like bulls completing most other gain testing programs.

These bulls represent 25 years of a disciplined, genetically stacked, predictable and commercial oriented breeding philosophy. These bulls offer herd changing genetics that will put pounds on the ground; and dollars in your pockets. Isn't that the reason you're in the cattle business??????? If you need growth and power there are certainly high gaining bulls to sire those calves that press down hard on the scales. The Spitzers also try to make avoiding calving problems in first calf heifers easier as they designate “Calving Ease” bulls. There are sixteen of these “Calving Ease” bulls which have a maximum Birth Weight EPD of 1.5 pounds (that's 3/4 pound less than Brangus breed average EPD) and an actual birth weight no greater than 82 pounds (a weight a well grown out two-year-old heifer should spit out pretty easily). AND, if you need to improve milk in your replacement heifers, there are lots of choices as there are 40 of the 48 bulls with milk EPDs greater than Brangus breed average and their daughters would sure be milky.

The Spitzers get numerous calls each year asking -- “What is your best bull?” Their short answer is always -- “It depends on what you expect this bull to do for the genetics of your herd.” The Spitzers take very seriously their responsibility to help you carefully evaluate what traits you need to strengthen in your individual cow herd. Only then will they be able to give their best opinion of which bulls will come closer to meeting your job requirements for your next herd bull. There are few “cookie cutter” approaches that are correct for your individual beef production situation.

Final (Off Test) weights will be taken January 5, 2008 and Ultrasound Scans for Rib Eye Area (REA), Percent Intramuscular Fat (%IMF) or Marbling and outside Fat Cover (FAT) will be collected at about the same time. Bulls will also receive a complete round of vaccinations, be dewormed and undergo a Complete Breeding Soundness Evaluation (BSE). Final reports with complete weights and measures complete EPDs and a summary of their mom's lifetime performance will be available in their catalog about the first of February.

The 2008 Edition of the Spitzer Ranch PERFORMANCE TESTED BRANGUS BULL SALE and “BLACK GOLD” CUSTOMER FEMALE SALE will be at 1:00 PM on Saturday, February 23, 2008 at the Martin and Martin Cattle Company, Inc. Sale Facility near Williamston, S.C. Sale catalogs will be mailed the very first week of February. Please mark your calendars and continue to watch future issues for advertisements and News Releases. You can call Spitzer Ranch at 864/972-9140 or e-mail to be added to their mailing list and receive three informative Newsletters each year as well as their annual sale catalog.


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