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AngusSource®, the American Angus Association®'s Process Verified Program (PVP), was renewed May 1, 2008, by USDA for one year. AngusSource has been the industry leader in qualifying Angus genetic-, age- and source-verified cattle since 2005 and continues to drive the beef industry toward quantifying true Angus genetics.

The program continues to show steady growth. March 2008 was the top enrollment month, qualifying 14,107 head for AngusSource, and charting a 21.7 percent year-to-date increase in cattle enrolled.

“AngusSource goes beyond verification,” says Sara Moyer, director AngusSource. “The program provides services to both ranches and feedyards, and assists with marketing by offering support and additional outlets. Information is powerful. The more information a producer can document about his calves, the more opportunity he has to receive premiums.” Producers who enroll in AngusSource have the opportunity to customize their verification certificates and add additional health and management information. Producers indicate their marketing date and method which can include video, traditional auction markets and direct from the ranch. Cattle are then advertised via the online cattle listing site and weekly e-mails that are received by more than 600 buyers interested in AngusSource calves. To date there has been a 17.4 percent increase in the number of cattle advertised at html. Through the Association's commercial programs department, staff are working to organize special feeder calf sales and offer additional marketing opportunities and recognition of AngusSource cattle in traditional auction markets and video sales.

The scope of the AngusSource PVP expanded in 2007 to include a feedyard umbrella. Working mainly with farmer feeders, AngusSource has been able to assist producers in receiving premiums of up to $40 per head.

“The American Angus Association is pleased to work with USDA to offer this program to our customers,” says Jim Shirley, vice president, industry relations. “The USDA PVP status of AngusSource adds integrity to our program and opens the door to marketing avenues such as export markets and branded beef programs previously not available to all AngusSource cattle. We look forward to continuing this partnership with USDA to assist our customers and members with meeting requirements for Country of Origin Labeling and other labeling programs.”

The American Angus Association is the world's largest beef breed organization, providing programs and services to thousands of commercial producers and more than 36,000 members nationwide. Its headquarters are located in Saint Joseph, Mo. For more information about AngusSource visit, call 816-383-5100 or e-mail


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