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The Alabama Beef Cattle Improvement Association announces the establishment of the Alabama Beef Cattle Improvement Foundation, Inc (ALBCIF). The non-profit corporation will provide a vehicle for individuals to support performance-educational programs, research, and activities in the beef cattle industry.

With an initial donation of $10,000, the ALBCIF was formed. The mission of ALBCIF is to promote, educate, and facilitate the utilization of performance principles for the Alabama cattle industry. As soon as a target goal of funds is reached, the ALBCIF will be able to begin implementing the investments. With the implementation of investments, the ALBCIF hopes to break new ground in the areas of research and education.

The Alabama BCIA has been a driving force of the Alabama cattle industry for 44 years and is excited about the impact the ALBCIF can make in the state. Honorariums, memorials, donations, and donations of proceeds from cattle sold are various opportunities for individuals to contribute to the ALBCIF. All donations made to the ALBCIF are tax-deductible and will go to support all programs, research and activities. For additional information or to contribute, please contact Michelle Elmore, (205) 646-0115.


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