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Weigh day for 56-Day weights (September 13, 2008) documented an average daily gain (ADG) of 3.63 pounds for the entire group of bulls on this year's development program. Bulls currently average 905 pounds at 283 days-of-age (9.3 months) for a weight per day of age (WDA) of 3.20 pounds. This outstanding performance was accomplished on crab grass and Bermuda grass with a supplement mix of soy hulls and corn gluten feed; and is the gain for the entire first 56 days after weaning with no warm-up period. These calves were weaned and immediately started on test on July 19, 2008 with an impressive average adjusted 205-day weaning weight of 662 pounds, and with an actual weight of 702 pounds.

A full 70 percent of these bulls are AI sired by some of the best of the Trait Leader bulls available in the Brangus breed and the others sired by sons of those AI sires. A selection program genetically designed for 26 years to produce bulls different from those you find offered by other seedstock operations. Since the passion of the Spitzer Ranch program is rooted in the commercial cattle industry, their bulls have pedigrees stacked with “Curve Bender” genetic inputs. In fact, 51 percent of these bulls are designated as “Calving Ease” bulls designed to be used to reduce or eliminate calving problems in first-calf-heifers. AND, of all bulls offered, 81 percent have birth EPDs less than breed average, 73 percent have yearling EPDs greater than breed average, 57 percent have Marbling (%IMF) EPDs greater than breed average, 81 percent have milk EPDs greater than breed average and 100 percent have total maternal EPDs greater than breed average. What a set of powerful “Curve Bender” bulls with the low birth, high growth, increased carcass value and high maternal genetics needed by the commercial rancher to put more pounds on the ground and increased profits in their pockets.

If you need the kind of profit oriented bulls that will sire the kind of offspring that will keep you in the cattle business for the long haul, please call the folks at Spitzer Ranch and go take a look. The 2009 edition of the SPITZER RANCH PERFORMANCE TESTED BRANGUS BULL SALE will be held SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 2009. Stay tuned to future issues of this publication for advertisements and additional News Releases concerning their program and their sale. A very informative newsletter, chock full of profit generating tips for the commercial and registered cattle producer alike, is also mailed three times per year. To join their mailing list call the Spitzers at 864/972-9140 or email


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