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Chappell Hill, Texas - October 25, 2008 -- Oak Creek Farms is working toward improving the bottom line for today's feed, fuel and fertilizer crisis by breeding easy fleshing forage efficient cattle needed to make a profit with today's high input cost. All of their OCF bulls are forage tested and DNA profiled with Merial's Igenity in addition to ultra sounding, performance and other traditional data. Selling on October 25th are 150 registered OCF Bulls - 85 Brangus, 40 Red Brangus, 15 Angus and 10 Red Angus. “We produce moderate, easy fleshing bulls with thickness bred in that can thrive on forages in our hot humid climate,” says owner John Kopycinski.

Oak Creek is investing in genetic testing to get carcass information on these bulls that they share with the customers. They have the bull's marbling and tenderness score for example along with a full profile of carcass traits that will be discussed at their presale seminar. Oak Creek is going the extra mile to identify desirable traits in their cattle using all the tools that are available today. “I don't of anyone in the Brangus breed doing as much DNA Profiling as we are. The carcass traits are heritable and knowing the bulls that possess good carcass traits is so important, because these traits are passed on to their calves,” says Kopycinski.

Also selling immediately following the bull sale is 250 commercial heifers from Oak Creek's bull customers. These are source verified heifers and buyers will be able to talk to the breeders on sale day and also at the seminar.

Oak Creek is hosting an informative seminar and ribeye steak dinner the evening before their October 25, 2008 annual sale at their ranch sale facility in Chappell Hill, Texas. The pre-sale seminar will begin at 5:30 p.m. on Friday, October 24, 2008. Speakers are Dr. Jim Sanders, beef specialist, of Texas A&M University, and Dr. Jim Gibb, Technical Services Director with Merial's Igenity Profiling Services.

Dr. Sanders will elaborate on forage efficient cattle and the future of the cattle industry. He has always encouraged breeding moderate easy fleshing cattle and now with the present high input cost he is on target more than ever. Dr. Gibb will discuss the Igenity DNA Profile and its practical benefits for cattlemen, including the fact that these genetic markers are heritable traits. He will also present all the new developments that have taken place in genetic testing just this past year including feed efficiency.

"We have been DNA Profiling now going on five years, and we have been forage developing our cattle since 1967. Using the DNA Profile test results, and the forage test performance data in our breeding decisions has been very beneficial,” says Kopycinski. They give customers the DNA Profile results along with performance, ultrasound, and forage test data in a spreadsheet format to use in making purchasing decisions.

The Oak Creek Bull Sale will be held at the ranch and will also be broadcast on LiveAuctions.TV on the internet. For bidding, contact LiveAuction TV on line at and register before sale day. For further assistance please call Oak Creek Farms.

Please join Oak Creek Farms in Chappell Hill, Texas at their pre-sale seminar and dinner Friday, and the annual OCF Bull Sale on Saturday, October 25th followed by the commercial heifer sale. For accommodations or information call Oak Creek Farms at 979/836-6832, or go on their web site www.oakcreek


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