The Salacoa Valley Farms crew has moved into high gear in planning for the September 26, 2009 BULL SALE at the Calhoun Stockyards Facility, Calhoun, Ga. Their 100 bulls are bred right, developed right and will be presented in a manner that has gained instant acceptance by the professional cattleman. No hype, no flash, just an excellent set of stout, rugged bulls with bred in genetics to put dollars in your pocket.

The Salacoa Valley Farms – Spitzer Ranch Alliance has developed an industry exclusive Curve Bender Index (CBI) and bulls will be cataloged and sold in order by CBI. The CBI is a scientific, yet practical means of getting a handle on the antagonistic traits of LOWER birth weights and HIGHER growth potential. While quality has improved with selection pressure and grid pricing, producers are still paid in pounds. Most successful cattlemen focus on buying bulls that will sire calves with reduced birth weights (more live births) and vigorous calves that will grow like gangbusters to weaning and yearling ages while still “fitting the box”. The CBI classifies those low birth weight, high growth “curve bender” bulls into an easily understood number. That makes it much easier to then look at other attributes needed in your herd (more or less milk, frame, marbling, REA etc.).

Of course all individual performance arithmetic, complete and current EPDs, all ultrasound scan data, a complete history of dam's performance, a state-of-the-art health and vaccination program and a complete breeding soundness evaluation (BSE) come standard with every bull. And, Salacoa Valley Farms offers customer service after the sale with increased marketing options; and a guarantee second to none.

A full 2/3 of these bulls are AI sired by some of the best of the Trait Leader bulls available in the Brangus Breed and other bulls sired by their impressive herd bull battery. All of which are sired by Trait Leader Bulls. This is a selection program genetically designed to produce bulls different from those you find offered by other seedstock operations. Since the passion of the Salacoa Valley Farm's program is rooted in the commercial cattle industry, their bulls have pedigrees stacked with “Curve Bender” genetic inputs. Because of this focus, you will find a set of powerful “Curve Bender” bulls with the low birth, high growth, increased carcass value and high maternal genetics needed by the commercial rancher to put more pounds on the ground and increased profits in their pockets.

Salacoa Valley Farms is part of the Salacoa Valley Farms – Spitzer Ranch Alliance and have been breeding Brangus cattle since 1984. Spitzer Ranch has been at it since 1982. That's a combined 52 years of producing Performance Brangus Genetics for the demands of the southeastern professional cattleman. If you need the kind of profit oriented bulls that will sire the kind of offspring that will keep you in the cattle business for the long haul, call 706/337-2295 or email The 2009 edition of the SALACOA VALLEY FARMS PERFORMANCE TESTED BRANGUS BULL SALE will be held SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 2009. Catalogs will be available the first of September. If you are on their mailing list you will have one soon. If not, call or email to get more information.


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