San Antonio, Texas – Beefmaster Breeders United (BBU) recently held the first Beefmaster Symposium August 14-15 at the Heart O' Texas Fairgrounds in Waco, Texas. The educational event provided an ideal opportunity for both seedstock and commercial cattlemen to gather under one roof and learn more about the role of Beefmaster cattle in today's rapidly changing beef industry.

The Symposium included informative seminars, a trade show and live cattle display pens. Highlights from the excellent group of speakers include:

• Producing Quality Purebred Animals Demanded by Commercial Breeders

• Managing Performance with Today's Technologies

• Opportunities and Regulations in International Markets

• The Economics of Today's Cattle Business

• Marketing Options in Today's Marketplaces & the Beefmaster Cattle They Demand

Over 300 purebred and commercial breeders attended the event, including international visitors from Thailand, Panama and South Africa.

“The attendance at the BBU Symposium exceeded my expectations, and the quality of the speakers was second to none,” said Tommy Perkins, Ph.D., PAS, BBU Executive Vice President. “Additionally, the trade show and live cattle displays were well received by both the attendees and sponsors. I would like to thank the BBU committee members who helped organize the Symposium, the sponsors, trade show vendors, speakers and more importantly the attendees for making it such a successful event.”

Plans are currently underway to make the Beefmaster Symposium an annual event that will be held in different areas of the United States. DVD copies of this year's Symposium will be available soon on BBU's Web site at


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