The next sale hosted by the Salacoa Valley Farms • Spitzer Ranch Alliance will be the seventeenth annual SPITZER RANCH BULL SALE to be held SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2010 at the Calhoun Stockyards, Calhoun, Ga. Where else can you go and look through 100 bulls of any breed and have 40 percent plus of those bulls “Flagged” as Calving Ease Bulls suitable for use on heifers? These Calving Ease Bulls will have birth weight EPDs less than breed average and actual birth weights less than 79 pounds. Not just numbers, but statistics that have been proven on farms and ranches across the southeast to reduce calving problems. And these bulls just aren't single trait wonders, but sires with the growth performance and carcass characteristics to consistently generate profit. Year in and year out professional commercial cattlemen have sought out “heifer bulls” and these bulls have always had the highest sale averages. It just seemed logical that someone needed to produce a whole lot more of them.

The entire beef industry basically derives profit from live calves born and rapid growth to either weaning or yearling ages, depending on when calves are sold. Out in the country those bulls that sired calves that were born small, easily and vigorous, yet grew like gangbusters were called “curve benders.” With a long history of responding to the demands of the beef industry, creation of the exclusive Curve Bender Index (CBI) was obviously the next logical step for the SVF•SR Alliance. The CBI focuses attention on the antagonistic goals of lowering birth weights and increasing growth at the same time. Selecting for both low birth and high growth was a cumbersome task before creation of the CBI by the SVF•SR Alliance. They focus their attention on producing lots of curve bender bulls and further help your bull selection process by lining up bulls in sale order by the Curve Bender Index.

In addition to the bulls selling, there will be a nice selection of extra fancy commercial females consigned by customers of the SVF•SR Alliance. Early consignments include bred females and open yearling heifers old enough and heavy enough to be immediately turned out with bulls. These commercial females will be sired by SVF•SR Alliance bulls or out of cows sired by SVF•SR Alliance bulls. Most females will be BRANGUS GOLD tagged with a scattering of ANGUS SOURCE tagged females out of ¾ Brangus cows. They are a really powerful set of females that have “brood cow” written all over them.

If you need the kind of profit oriented bulls with the genetics that will produce the kind of calves that will keep you in the cattle business for the long haul, call 864/972-9140 or email spitzeranch@mindspring.com. You can access the most current Performance Test Reports on bulls slated for the February 27, 2010 sale by going to www.svfbulls. com or by having your own personal copy mailed to you in the Winter Newsletter by getting on the mailing list. Watch this publication for more information or become part of the more than 1200 professional cattlemen receiving the Salacoa Valley Farms • Spitzer Ranch Alliance Quarterly Newsletters. Their Newsletters always provide current information as well as educational tips, inspiration and insights into a wide variety of timely topics of interest to those whose goal is making money in the cattle industry. Just call, write or email to receive positive input almost guaranteed to place your operation in a position to be more profit driven.

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