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Creation of the Salacoa Valley Farms-Spitzer Ranch Alliance and combining their respective cooperator programs has allowed a huge increase in number of bulls offered for sale at the Sixteenth Annual Spitzer Ranch Bull Sale. All 87 bulls have been through a performance growth testing and development program where they have had some kind of grazing throughout. The program is designed to get bulls plenty heavy enough to sort out performance, and certainly big enough to use, without compromising their athletic performance in the breeding pasture. Bulls sell with a full complement of health practices, a complete Breeding Soundness Evaluation and Carcass Ultrasound information. It goes without saying that all performance data “arithmetic” and complete EPDs will be provided on every bull. Additionally, these folks are among the few who also provide a snapshot of the total performance record of the dam of each bull. In short, you get all the information you could possibly ask for in making your bull selections; and you get athletically developed bulls ready to turn out with your cows with no further health treatments, testing or attention required.

A recent survey by The Cattle Business Weekly reported results from 1,035 producers from 45 states representing 11,397 bull purchasing decisions and how these cowmen made those decisions. The three most popular traits to evaluate were calving ease, growth and maternal in that order. In fact, producers ranked calving ease three times higher in importance than any other trait; followed by growth and maternal, then breeder reputation and finally animal appearance.

Spitzer Ranch years ago predicted those facts as inherent in increasing profitability for the commercial cattleman. That's why their genetic mating program has focused on reducing birth weight and increasing growth without sacrifices in maternal ability and certainly taking a hard look at the end product; carcass value. As a result a full 44 percent of this year's bull offering will be flagged as “calving ease” bulls safe to use on heifers. In all 64 percent of their sale bulls have Birth Weight EPDs less than breed average, 79 percent have Yearling Weight EPDs higher than breed average and 100 percent have Total Maternal EPDs greater than breed average. The Spitzers have certainly been very successful in creating lots of CURVE BENDER BULLS (low birth high growth) that sire daughters with outstanding maternal abilities. And, you don't stay in the Registered Seedstock Business for almost 27 years without building a reputation for quality, honesty and customer service.

The Spitzer Ranch Performance Tested Brangus Bull Sale and the Brangus Gold Customer Commercial Female Sale will be SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 2009. The sales will be at the Calhoun Stockyards, Calhoun, Ga. (Please note new sale site.) In addition to the bulls they expect to have a good number of those hard to find and extra fancy Brangus Gold Commercial Females from the cow herds of their customers. If you desire more information: Call the Spitzers at 864/972-9140 or 864/710-0257 (cell) or email;

Call Salacoa Valley Farms at 706/337-2295 or 864/723-3779 (Ben Spitzer's cell) or email and they will add you to their mailing list to receive informative Newsletters throughout the year and the Sale Catalog to be mailed in early February. You can also go to and or and click on the “View Upcoming Sales” Feature. At either web site you can study the complete performance test report on bulls from both Spitzer Ranch and Salacoa Valley Farms. And, please continue to check future issues of this publication for their ADs and other pertinent information.


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