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Camp Cooley Genetics was proud to host, in conjunction with the Texas Beef Council, the U.S. Dry Aged Beef Menu Development Team from Korea on Monday, April 27, 2009. Korea is an important beef export market, importing 57,267 metric tons from the United States in 2008.

The group toured the Camp Cooley Genetics Embryo Transfer Division Headquarters, where Brad Wright, Embryo Transfer Services Manager, explained and demonstrated the technology behind embryo transfer. The group was able to observe spring-born embryo transfer calves, demonstrating the importance of multiplying genetic progress.

In addition to the embryo facility, the group was taken through the calving pastures, working facilities, bull and heifer development areas, as well as, the hay fields and grazing pastures.

During a traditional Camp Cooley steak dinner, the group enjoyed mingling with the staff of Camp Cooley Genetics and learning of our role in the beef industry. Ken Hughes, Director of Genetics and Production, briefly spoke about the breeding program and the cattle of Camp Cooley.

The majority of the U.S. Dry Aged Beef Menu Development Team had never been exposed to a cattle operation with the magnitude and vastness of Camp Cooley Genetics. Elly Sung, the group's translator, expressed the group's gratitude and amazement, “It is nice to see such a clean and pretty ranch with cows out in the open pastures.”


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