by: Maxine Hooks

With abundant spring rains this year, the grass is growing and those of us who may have decreased cattle numbers during the drought are now looking at their operations to see how to optimize profits. Adding Original Braunvieh genetics to your cow herd will increase your returns by producing heavier calves at weaning, giving you more maternal traits in your replacement females, and improving overall performance throughout your herd.

The Braunvieh breed of cattle is not a cross-breed. Original Fullblood Braunvieh is one of the oldest breeds known and originated in Switzerland, evolving as a dual-purpose breed (meat and milk). They are heavy muscled with a moderate frame and have a natural ability to marble without adding back fat. Braunvieh cattle are known for being gentle and easy to work with. Braunvieh bulls, when bred to commercial cows, will transfer the desirable traits of the Original Braunvieh that includes better carcass quality, yield grade, and higher conversion of feed to red meat without adding back fat. Hybrid vigor is optimized when adding Braunvieh genetics to the commercial herd.

Braunvieh is synonymous with performance which equals profit for the producer. In a cross-bred program Braunvieh gives:

• Better carcasses on cross-bred feeders

• Better yield grades, less outside fat waste

• Tougher cattle that can perform in hot climates such as the Southeast

• Heterosis is maximized when cross-breeding with Braunvieh

Braunvieh cattle are perfect for the homestead. In an era of small family farms, there are few cattle that are being produced by and for that segment of society. Cows in a homestead environment must have certain characteristics. They must be docile, of moderate size and be capable of performing several duties for the family farm. Braunvieh will fit into this type of setting. Braunvieh are dual-purpose (meat and milk). As a fulblood breed, they have remained “pure” for centuries. They are a gentle breed, having provided meat and high quality milk products for 100's of generations. If you have a family farm and are looking for a breed that will produce milk for high quality products such as cheese and butter and will produce a calf with performance and the added value of tasty, well marbled beef with no added back fat, look at the Braunvieh breed of cattle. Braunvieh cattle are adaptable to extremes in weather conditions and are highly efficient in converting grass to red meat.

Whether you own a small family farm, a commercial breeder looking for the highest gains on your cross-bred calves, or a seedstock producer looking for a breed that will fulfill the requirements of the beef industry today, look no further than Original Fullblood Braunvieh. There has never been a better time to make a difference in the future of the cattle industry.


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