Concord, Arkansas, July 13, 2009 -- Ten of the Brangus Breed's leading genetic providers are pleased to announce the formation of a unique and highly progressive alliance. GENETRUST is a collaboration of breeders dedicated to the common goal of providing a superior genetic product to registered and commercial cattlemen alike.

The goal of GENETRUST is to create an innovative genetic and marketing alliance that will aid customers through enhanced marketing incentives, strengthen and grow the Brangus breed and provide a reliable and consistent source of Brangus genetics in today's marketplace.

GENETRUST separates itself from other genetic alliances and cooperator programs in that not one single ranch controls the entire philosophy but rather a team. And yet because the cattle produced by each partner must adhere to rigorous performance, health and genetic standards it allows customers to buy with confidence that each GENETRUST animal comes from a similar genetic background and achieves the same performance benchmarks.

Vernon Suhn, owner of Suhn Cattle Company, Eureka, Kansas will serve as the alliance's President, managing day to day operations and setting the genetic focus of the alliance. “The purpose of the GENETRUST alliance is to create central home for some of Brangus breed's leading operations. When you analyze the genetic pool of GENETRUST cattle you can quickly notice not only the similar breeding program but also the depth of the cow herds represented is simply unrivaled.”

“Each GENETRUST partner is essentially a satellite ranch. GENETRUST cattle all conform to similar genetic backgrounds, development practices and rigorous health standards,” stated Bill Davis, owner of Chimney Rock Cattle Company in Concord, Arkansas and Chairman of GENETRUST. “Because we have GENETRUST partners across the nation it allows our customers to buy from partners in their local area, ensuring that the bulls they purchase are already adapted to the climate and rangeland conditions that they will eventually call home.

Craig Green will serve as Marketing Director of GENETRUST, “I truly look forward to how our customer base can benefit from this exciting alliance. GENETRUST will start out with three sales a year, marketing over 400 Brangus bulls, 200 Registered Brangus Females and 1,000 commercial females – creating one of the largest pools of quality Brangus. The three sales will be held at Chimney Rock Cattle Company in Concord, Arkansas on November 6 and 7, 2009; Cavender Ranches in Jacksonville, Texas on December 5, 2009 and Suhn Cattle Company in Eureka, Kansas on March 23, 2010, with more sale locations to be added in the future. GENETRUST is truly a multi-dimensional alliance that reaches to all corners of the nation and not just a single region.”

The GENETRUST brand was conceived by the participating partners who ascribed to a similar genetic and breeding philosophy. All GENETRUST cattle have at least some genetic history that traces them back to the famed Brinks Brangus program and all of the participating ranches utilize both AI and ET extensively in their programs.

Vernon Suhn or Craig Green, along with each cow's owner, individually mate all of the females in the GENETRUST program. This creates a consistent genetic approach and uniformity for all the cattle marketed through GENETRUST.

While the GENETRUST participating ranches are based in Kansas, Texas, Arkansas, Alabama and Georgia each complies with similar management practices and strict adherence to predetermined animal husbandry and health standards.

Every GENETRUST bull is gain tested and developed at one of three GENETRUST sites; Suhn Cattle Company in Eureka, Kansas, Cavender Ranches in Jacksonville, Texas, or Chimney Rock Cattle Company in Concord, Arkansas. Each of those three sites utilizes the same gain test development methods and bulls are fed the same ration. The only difference is the climate and weather conditions. By utilizing three different development locals, GENETRUST is able to acclimate bulls to differing eco-environments which allows them to better prepare the bulls for a diverse clientele base.

“We are truly excited about what we will be able to accomplish by melding the genetic strength and the people behind each of our individual operations. We believe that the launch of GENETRUST will mean great things for us individually but, more importantly, will serve as a catalyst for renewed growth and excitement within the Brangus breed,” state Joe Kassler, Vice-Chairman of GENETRUST and owner of The Oaks Farms Brangus in Newnan, Georgia.

Additional GENETRUST founding members include Schmidt Farms Brangus, Texarkana, Texas; Draggin' M Ranch, El Dorado; Arkansas; Genesis Ranch, Columbus, Texas; Double W Ranch, McComb, Mississippi and Johnston Farms Brangus, Letohatchee, Alabama.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: Contact:      Vernon Suhn - (620) 583-3706; vern@genetrustbrangus.com or visit www.genetrustbrangus.com

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