The American Brahman Breeders Association conducted an F1 Field Day near Eutaw, Alabama on Saturday, September 26th. Chris “Chip” Beeker's Beeker Cattle was the scene of a well attended, second to none, field day to familiarize commercial cowmen with the Brahman F1.

The field day location between Demopolis and Eutaw was knee deep in grass due to recent rains and knee deep in Brahman cows being bred to Registered Hereford and Angus bulls to produce very good quality F1's for the ranch.

Chip Beeker and Mike Dee, President Elect of the Alabama Cattlemen's Association, started the program by welcoming those in attendance to Alabama and to the ranch. Cattlemen from Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida attended the field day and participated in a very informative seminar relative Brahman F1 production, use, and sales options available to market them.

Program moderator, J. D. Sartwelle, Brahman breeder and Chairman of the ABBA Marketing Committee started the day by issuing the challenge that if you want to sell 700 pound plus (or larger) calves, you'll need the recognized “Queen of Cow Country,” who is worth more because she does more. Chris Shivers, Executive Vice President of the ABBA spoke to the enthusiastic crowd about ABBA's F1 Certification Program and why ABBA conducts these kinds of outreach programs.

Dr. Frank Owsly, Alabama Extension Beef Cattle Specialist, reiterated to those present that cross breeding in today's animal world is an accepted way to maximize production through hybrid vigor and that the most hybrid vigor in the cattle world is through the use of Bos Indicus American Brahman on the Bos Tarus (English or Continental) breeds. A group of local Brahman F1 female users, ie, Jimmy Lane Broussard, Mike Dee, and Dr. Lena Marie Perry each spoke to their use of the Brahman F1 cow. All of these producers lauded the Brahman F1 cow for her environmental adaptation, her ability to raise a large calf, to breed back, and to do it over a long period of time. All of these producers indicated they had no problems selling the produce of the Brahman F1 cow.

Chip Beeker and Tina Coker of Hayneville, and Kevan Tucker, Extension Agent, spoke of their experiences in raising and marketing the F1 female in Central Alabama. They reported that there is an overwhelming demand for the F1 female that is sold via private treaty or through several special sales. Dr. Richard Forgason, of the famed J. D. Hudgins Ranch in Hungerford, Texas spoke of the “engineering” that goes into the bulls that they breed to sell to F1 producers and their emphasis on disposition, fertility, good udders and teats, and low birth weights. Sartwelle spoke about the Hereford and Angus bulls that he selects to put on his Brahman cows.

After a barbeque meal at noon, local market man, Hub Wyatt of Linden and Montgomery stockyards told the crowd that marketing the F1 steer is no longer the problem that it was several years ago, as the cattle have found more widespread acceptance than in years past. Certainly, selling and merchandizing the quarter blood produce of the F1 cow is not a problem as they are accepted by most to go west or north or any direction. Maurice Janda, Yard Manager of Graham Land & Cattle in Gonzales, Texas talked of feeding and merchandizing the F1 steer and the quarter blood produce of the F1 cow. Performance, quality grade, and dressing yields, add significant advantage to these cattle when compared to others.

Jonathan B. Gladney, Extension Agent, added to the day, by reminding all in attendance, that the beef industry is ever changing and they should adopt the new technologies that are available. Dr. Frank Owsly, wrapped up the day and told those in attendance that the “science” available to us now indicates that if we are truly profit and/or maximum production oriented that there would be few ways to turn. Turning to the trouble free “Queen of Cow Country” is one way to do it.

The ABBA is grateful to Chip Beeker, the Alabama Extension Service, to field day sponsors, Tri County Co-op in Aliceville, Ala., Greensboro Co-op in Greensboro, Ala., the Alabama Livestock Auction in Montgomery, the Linden Stockyards, in Linden, and the Uniontown Livestock Auction in Uniontown, Ala.


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