Chappell Hill, Texas - On October 24 Oak Creek will sell 160 registered OCF Forage Tested Bulls - 95 Brangus, 40 Red Brangus, 15 Angus and 10 Red Angus followed by 250 commercial heifers. Each bull will have a complete DNA Profile which allows the buyer to know the genetic traits a bull possesses, especially for tenderness, marbling and feed efficiency. The bonus is that these traits are heritable. This is the sixth year that Oak Creek is using the DNA test results as a tool in selecting genetics. The bulls will also have performance and ultrasound information.

All sale bulls are OCF forage developed bulls, one brand one program, with bulls being bred and developed at Oak Creek Farms in the hot and humid gulf coast area. The sale bulls are tested in the heat and humidity in Oak Creek's Brazos river bottom without shade until the temperature gets to about 93 degrees and the bulls then have access to an adjoining pasture with shade. Over 200 OCF Bulls began the forage test and the top 160 OCF Bulls will sale. The forage test began February 24th and ends September 1st with weights and measurements recorded by the Texas A&M Extension Service.

Oak Creek Farms' Presale Seminar will be held at the ranch sales facility in Chappell Hill on Friday evening, October 23, 2009 at 5:30 p.m. with dinner being sponsored by Pfizer Animal Genetics. Dr. Ray Rodriguez, geneticist, will speak about “the right kind,” matching cattle to their environment emphasizing that the cattle that are forage efficient and grade well will always be more profitable. Dr. Kent Anderson and Kevin Milliner, of Pfizer's GeneStar will present a program on the latest technology in genetic testing and the practical benefits to cattlemen.

Oak Creek is known for cattle that thrive on forages. Through his total herd management program, John Kopycinski, owner, has been breeding Brangus and selecting efficient easy fleshing cattle since 1967. For more information call Oak Creek Farms in Chappell Hill, Texas at 979/836-6832, or visit the web site www.oakcreekfarms.com.

Mark Switzer is the auctioneer.

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