More bulls, better bulls would be the operative words in describing bulls being developed in the Spitzer Ranch Program for 2009-2010. Expansion of their own cow numbers and the alliance with Salacoa Valley Farms, Fairmount, Ga., has enabled them to have two groups of bulls being developed for their 2010 Performance Tested Bull Sale. The 69 bulls in Test 2009-1 are primarily October and November born calves weaned and placed on test May 15, 2009; while the 32 bulls in Test 2009-2 are mainly late November and December born calves weaned and placed on test June 26, 2009. But, more important than the total number of 101 bulls is the genetic contribution they will make to the cattle industry.

Where else can you find 70 percent of all bulls to be AI-sired with 43 percent of the 101 bulls on test earning the “Calving Ease” designation to be used on heifers to reduce the risks of calving problems? Average EPDs for the entire group are: BW = -0.6; WW = 25; YW = 46; MK = 12; TM = 25; SC = 0.5; REA = 0.31; %IMF = .050 and FAT = 0.000. Compare these to the non-parent breed averages from the Fall 2009 Brangus Sire Summary which are: BW = 0.5; WW = 22; YW = 40; MK = 8; TM = 18; SC = 0.7; REA = .35; %IMF = 0.026 and FAT = -0.001.

Another way to look at the arithmetic is that the average Spitzer Ranch Bull compared to all Brangus Breed Average Non-parent Bulls has a BW EPD 1.1 pounds lighter with WW and YW EPDs 13 percent and 15 percent heavier. And at the same time the average Spitzer Ranch Bull provides a 50 percent higher MK EPD and a 39 percent higher TM EPD. Since carcass quality has become so important to the beef business, the fact that the average Spitzer Ranch Bull has 92 percent greater %IMF EPD than the Average Non-parent Brangus Bull should get your attention.

Spitzer Ranch Brangus Bulls are bred right genetically and developed in a no frills practical environment that produces athletic bulls ready to go to work in your breeding pastures. Their selection program is genetically designed to produce bulls different from those you find offered by other seedstock operations. Since the passion of the Spitzer Ranch program is rooted in the commercial cattle industry, their bulls have pedigrees stacked with “Curve Bender” genetic inputs. Because of this focus, you will find a set of powerful “Curve Bender” bulls with the low birth, high growth, increased carcass value and high maternal genetics needed by the commercial rancher to put more pounds on the ground and increased profits in your pockets.

Spitzer Ranch is part of the Salacoa Valley Farms – Spitzer Ranch Alliance. The two operations have a combined 52 years of producing Brangus Cattle that have consistently provided professional cattlemen with profit making genetics. The Spitzer Ranch tagline says, “Profitable Genetics From Performance Cattlemen;” their track record says, “They Deliver.” If you need the kind of profit oriented bulls that will sire the kind of offspring that will keep you in the cattle business for the long haul, call 864/972-9140 or email spitzeranch@ mindspring.com. The seventeenth annual SPITZER RANCH PERFORMANCE TESTED BRANGUS BULL SALE will be held SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2010. Watch this publication for more information or better yet, take the initiative to become part of the more than 1200 professional cattlemen receiving the Salacoa Valley Farms – Spitzer Ranch Alliance Quarterly Newsletters. Their Newsletters always provide current Bull Test Performance Reports as well as educational tips, inspiration and insights into a wide variety of timely topics of interest to those whose goal is making money in the cattle industry. Just call, write or email to put your operation in a position to be more profit driven. You (and your cows) will be so glad you did!

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