The American Angus Association® has opened the door to all producers interested in source- and age-verification through a new program called Gateway.

Gateway was developed as a direct response to producer requests for a cost-effective, customer-oriented source- and age-verification program.

As a second-tier program of the AngusSource Process Verified Program (PVP), Gateway offers marketing support for producers with calves that do not meet the genetic requirements of the AngusSource program.

“Producers who enroll in Gateway will undergo the same industry-leading enrollment and approval methods used for AngusSource,” says Sara Snider, director of the AngusSource program.

Gateway-enrolled calves must meet source- and age-verification requirements. They are identified with a yellow, program-compliant eartag and issued a verification certificate.

There is a $50 fee for enrollment. Visual program tags are $3/head and RFID matched-pair options are $5/head. Additional charges apply for producers who require an on-site review prior to enrollment.

Gateway will also provide the existing customer support offered through the AngusSource program. “With this extension of our PVP, we will be able to develop relationships and provide marketing assistance to a whole new category of producer,” says Snider.

Producers who enroll in Gateway will have the ability to customize their verification certificate with additional management information, and promote their calves online through the program's listing service.

“More than 600 potential buyers are currently receiving the weekly e-mails that promote cattle on the listing site,” Snider says. “This service, combined with the relatively low cost of Gateway, means producers will be able to develop new marketing opportunities for their cattle.

“With Gateway, the doors to export markets and other value-added marketing opportunities will be available to even more producers. Gateway calves are also eligible for enrollment in the AngusSource Feedyard umbrella,” adds Snider.

Since its inception in 2005, the AngusSource PVP has helped more than 1,500 producers add value to their Angus-sired calves by documenting the source, age and genetics. The American Angus Association, with more than 32,000 members, is the world's largest breed registry.     

For more information on Gateway and AngusSource®, please visit or contact us at 816-383-5100.


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