David Vaughan of Salacoa Valley Farms, and Bert and Doyle Miller of Miller Brangus, are pleased announce their first joint Brangus bull sale October 2nd at Salacoa Valley Farms in Fairmont, Ga. "Combining two nationally prominent programs in this region, both with a burning desire to positively impact the beef industry at both the commercial and registered level makes sense," according to Bert Miller. "Together we look forward to meeting the needs of the commercial industry in Georgia, the Carolinas and through the Mid South with truly top end Brangus bulls," adds David Vaughan.

The joint sale offering will consist of 150 coming two year old Brangus bulls. The quality, power and maternal goodness of the offering is evident when a moment is taken to consider the rankings of these bulls relative to the Brangus breed. Fifty-nine bulls rank in the breed's top 10 percent for Yearling weight EPD. Nearly two thirds of the offering, 91 head, rank in the breeds top one quarter for YW EPD and 84 bulls post that ranking for WW EPD. That is power to spare! In spite of that much power there are 39 bulls with a BW of 79 lbs or less and 45 bulls rank in the breeds lightest one quarter for BW EPD. Over half the bulls in the sale, 78 head, post milk EPDs in the breeds top one quarter.

One of the management practices common to both operations is the willingness to cull ruthlessly. The bulls have been selected for structural soundness, disposition and performance. This is an offering you can purchase with the assurance that culling has already taken place and the quality bulls you are buying is second to none. Average weaning ratios on the 150 bulls offered is 104 and the average yearling ratio is 103, both numbers indicating the rigid culling standards of the programs involved.

Please join Salacoa Valley Farms and Miller Brangus, October 2, 2010, 11:00 a.m. ET at Salacoa Valley Farm in Fairmount, Ga. We are selling 150 balanced trait herd sires and range bulls. We think you will love the real world quality, power and functional ability in the bulls we are offering. We think you will appreciate the maternal goodness packed in each bull stemming from the mighty cowherds and disciplined programs that produced them. Come see the results of these two great programs and join us for the Salacoa Valley Farms and Miller Brangus Bull Sale October 2nd.


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