All performance data from birth through yearling, all gain test data and all Ultrasound Carcass scans have been reported to the Brangus Association on the 101 bulls being developed for the February 2010 bull sale. On January 4, 2010, the International Brangus Breeders Association (IBBA) sent the entire Brangus database to the University of Georgia for the Brangus National Cattle Evaluation which will produce the Spring 2010 Brangus Sire Summary. All that remains is updating EPDs based on that Sire Summary and all arithmetic needed to complete the Bull Sale catalog will be available. Catalogs should be in the mail the first week of February and the Seventeenth Annual SPITZER RANCH BULL SALE will be held SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2010 at Calhoun Stockyards, Calhoun, Ga.

The crew has been through these bulls several times and they have culled hard on performance data, carcass data, structure and feet and leg conformation. The “survivors” will undergo a complete Breeding Soundness Evaluation (BSE) in mid-February and receive their final round of vaccinations. The entire reason for existence of the Spitzer Ranch bull development program is to produce “turn out ready” bulls for progressive commercial cattlemen interested in increasing their profit opportunities. These bulls will more than deliver on their genetic promise to be the money making kind. If you need bulls that can deliver those industry leading Brangus crossbred females with all their known mamma cow attributes, this is the sale for you.

In addition to the bulls selling, there will be a nice selection of extra fancy commercial females consigned by customers of the Salacoa Valley Farms • Spitzer Ranch ALLIANCE. These commercial females will be sired by SVF • SR ALLIANCE bulls or out of cows sired by SVF • SR ALLIANCE bulls. Most females will be BRANGUS GOLD tagged with a scattering of ANGUS SOURCE tagged females out of ¾ Brangus cows. Early consignments include an absolutely awesome group of about twenty open yearling heifers (mostly ½ and ¾ Brangus heifers, with a few Angus heifers out of ¾ Brangus cows) coming from DuBose Cattle Company, Bar T Ranch and Choestoea Farms. Additionally, Choestoea Farms is consigning ten pregnant Brangus Crossbred cows bred to Brangus Bulls for 45 days to deliver mid-August and September calves and Salacoa Valley Farms will present twenty or so middle aged Brangus Crossbred cows bred to Brangus Bulls to calve in September and October.

If you need the kind of profit oriented bulls with the genetics that will produce heifer calves and feedlot steers that will keep you in the cattle business for the long haul, call 864/972-9140 or email spitzeranch@mindspring. com. You can access the most current Performance Test Reports on bulls slated for the February 27, 2010 sale by going to www.svfbulls.com. Or, you can have your own personal copy mailed to you in the Winter Newsletter by getting on their mailing list and receiving the Salacoa Valley Farms • Spitzer Ranch ALLIANCE Quarterly Newsletters. Just call, write or email to receive positive input almost guaranteed to place your operation in a position to be more profit driven.

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