Houston & Kansas City: The American Brahman Breeders Association, American Hereford Association, their Mississippi Affiliates and the Smith County Extension Service joined forces to host the first ever Brahman/Hereford F-1 Field Day in the State of Mississippi on September 25 at the Smith County Ag Complex in Raleigh, Mississippi. The purpose of the days activities was to discuss the superiority of the F1 Brahman/Hereford cow. The F1 Brahman/Hereford cow is the best known of the F1 Brahman Hybrids; and is definitely, a “QUEEN OF COW COUNTRY”, a “trouble free cow”, that's “worth more because she does more, longer”; that is “often imitated, never duplicated” and as a F1 Brahman hybrid she is also known as “AMERICA'S COW”. As a part of the field day activities, the ABBA and AHA declared that the F1 Brahman/Hereford cow will now be dubbed and known as the “PRIDE OF THE SOUTH”.

The day's activities were started by a welcome from the representatives of the sponsoring associations and J.D. Sartwelle, Jr., ABBA Marketing Committee Chairman, who served as the program moderator. The crowd of over 100 Brahman, Hereford and commercial cattlemen heard Dr, Rhonda Vann, MSU- Brown Loam Experiment Station, lay the basis for the days program by discussing the “Science Behind the Brahman/Hereford F-1 Cow” and her unexcelled utility in the commercial cow world.

Chris Shivers, ABBA Executive Vice President, explained the ABBA's industry leading F-1 Certification Program. He explained this was a relatively inexpensive, user friendly program that guarantees the purity of the genetics and ultimately gives the F-1 Female more value.

During the course of the day, those in attendance heard producers tell their stories of how the Brahman/Hereford F-1 cross excels in all sectors of the industry. The first panel consisted of Stacey Broadhead, Mendenhall, Mississippi; Jason Jones, Brandon, Mississippi; Larry Fitzgerald, Poplarville, Mississippi and Cal Whatley of Opelika, Alabama speaking to why they use the Brahman/Hereford F-1 cow as the basis for their ranching endeavors. Their consensus was that the Brahman/Hereford F-1 Cow is the cow for the southern environment that produces for those up the supply chain to any beef marketing program.

The panel of F-1 Producers made up of Stanley Knight, Mt. Olive, Mississippi; Cal Whatley, Opelika, Alabama and Mike Mitchell, Carriere, Mississippi all told of their many years of experience of producing and developing the Golden Certified/Certified Brahman/Hereford F-1 Female. Dr. Richard Forgason, Hungerford, Texas and John Ross Debter, Horton, Alabama discussed the kind of bulls they market to producers for the production of F-1 Females.

The most interesting segment of the day for many was the panel discussion of marketing the F-1 female and steer. This panel consisted of Cal Whatley, Opelika, Alabama; Mike Mitchell, Carriere, Mississippi and Stanley Knight, Mt. Olive, Mississippi. The group explained that the female marketed herself while many opportunities were available to market the steer mate all equating to an increased profit as compared to other breed crosses.

To follow, producers told of their experiences in feeding the F-1 steer. This panel discussion consisted of Stacey Broadhead, Mendenhall, Mississippi; Chip Beeker, Eutaw, Alabama and J.D. Sartwelle, Jr., Sealy, Texas. Each explained that they preferred to retain ownership in the steers as they had proven genetics and performed extremely well in the feedyard and on the rail.

The final speaker of the day was Walt McKellar of Como, Mississippi and he discussed implementing a herd health program.

Prior to a sponsored lunch, Dr. Rhonda Vann wrapped up the days activities by re-enforcing what the attendees heard throughout the days program.

Sponsors for the event were: Burns Hereford Farm; C&C Hereford Farm, Grandview/CMR, Debter Herefords, White Hawk Ranch and Boehringer Ingelheim.


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