Cow-calf producers will have more opportunities to add Gelbvieh-influenced replacement females to their herds this fall. The American Gelbvieh Association will hold two Maternal Edge commercial female sales in November – Nov. 6 in Cross Plains, Tenn., and Nov. 18 in Billings, Mont.

The concept of a Gelbvieh-influenced Maternal Edge commercial female sale was first started four years ago with an annual sale in Tennessee. The sale has been very successful not only averaging above commercial prices but also creating demand for Gelbvieh-influenced females in the southeastern United States.

Recently, the American Gelbvieh Association Board of Directors approved the addition of a sale in Montana this fall and a North Carolina sale next spring.

“We are very encouraged by the success and popularity of the Maternal Edge sales. The purpose of the Maternal Edge sale is to provide a service to commercial producers who use Gelbvieh genetics in their programs to sell their quality replacement females at a premium and as a source for cattlemen to add the maternal traits of the Gelbvieh female to their cow herds,” said Frank Padilla, American Gelbvieh Association director of breed promotion.

This will be the fourth year of the TN/KY Maternal Edge sale, sponsored by the Tennessee and Kentucky Gelbvieh associations. The sale will be held at 12:00 p.m. CST at the KY-TN Livestock Market, Cross Plains, Tenn. Over 200 head of Gelbvieh-influenced commercial bred females, cow-calf pairs and open replacement heifers will sell. This year the sale will also feature 12 top quality Gelbvieh and Balancer bulls.

“Commercial producers have begun to recognize the value of the females sold on the Maternal Edge sale,” commented John Bartee, Sr., University of Tennessee Extension county director. “All the animals in the TN/KY sale are given a Maternal Edge ear tag, identifying them as Gelbvieh-influenced females. Animals with these Maternal Edge ear tags are sought after by cattlemen in this area.”

“The sale in Tennessee has also created a demand for Gelbvieh and Balancer bulls in the southeast. This year we are offering a small number of select bulls for commercial producers who want to add Gelbvieh genetics to their calves to increase weaning weights, add heterosis or improve maternal traits in their replacement females,” notes Steve Peddicord, American Gelbvieh Association eastern regional area coordinator.

The Montana sale will be held at the Billings Livestock Auction on Nov. 18 in conjunction with one of their Thursday sales. However, the Gelbvieh-influenced females will sell in consecutive lots within one time block. Consigned to the sale are 125-plus commercial and registered bred females and open replacement heifers. The Montana Gelbvieh Association is sponsoring this sale.

“The demand for Gelbvieh females in Montana is increasing. This sale offers cattlemen the opportunity to select quality replacement females from some of the top commercial and registered herds in the state,” said Don Danell, American Gelbvieh Association western regional area coordinator.

If you want to add Gelbvieh genetics to your commercial program or are a breeder who has commercial customers who would benefit from this sale, please contact TN/KY sale coordinator Steve Peddicord at 606-688-4492 or Montana sale coordinator Don Danell at 406-538-5622. You can also contact the American Gelbvieh Association at 303-465-2333 or More information is available at www.


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