Voting for “Alabama's Best Steak” is on the rise as customers are making their preferences known through online voting. The Alabama Cattlemen's Association kicked off the online voting portion of the “Alabama's Best Steak” contest July 1, a statewide beef promotion designed to find the best steakhouse in the state.

Since voting has begun, the contest has generated over 3000 votes for over 100 restaurants across the state. Online voting will continue until September 24 and is open to anyone and for any restaurant in Alabama that serves a great steak. Voting is simple and only takes a few clicks when you visit!

As the competition continues to heat up throughout the state, restaurant owners and consumers are promoting the contest for hopes of being named as one of the coveted “Top 5” vote-getters.These five winning restaurants will be announced to kick off “October Beef Month” in Alabama. Once named into the “Top 5,” a team of anonymous judges will take the month of October to visit each restaurant in order to find the Sultan of Steaks! The winner of “Alabama's Best Steak” will be recognized in a media event by the end of October.

For more information about the “Alabama's Best Steak” contest, please contact Erin Beasley with the Alabama Cattlemen's Association, 334-265-1867.

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