The fourth annual meeting and field day of the South Poll Grass Cattle Association will be held on Friday and Saturday, June 22 and 23, at Voss Land & Cattle Co. in Linn, Mo.

The two-day event will feature an open forum on farm management practices, the annual South Poll seed stock auction, a pasture walk with nationally-known grazier Greg Judy and a talk from Dr. James Horne, the president and CEO of the Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture in Poteau, Okla.

Judy, who will speak on Friday, will go into the basis of evaluating animal performance on pasture, biological monitoring, diversity of grasses and what to look for in grass genetic cattle.

Dr. Bruce Shanks, of Lincoln University in Jefferson City, will make a presentation on multi-species grazing, while writer Ralph Voss will talk on soil amendments such as milk, seas salt, molasses, coral calcium and liquid fish. Voss will also give a demonstration on taking brix readings on grass.

Saturday will kick off with a welcome from breed founder Teddy Gentry. He will explain the genetic history of the South Poll breed which is a four-way cross including Hereford, Angus, Senepol and Barzona breeds of cattle.

Dr. Horne will make a presentation on the sustainability of the overall agricultural system. Gentry says he hopes to have 25 of the finest bulls, cows and heifers the breed has to offer to be sold at the cowboy auction Saturday at 1 p.m.

After the auction Judy will lead a pasture walk.

Gentry says the field day will be an opportunity to learn about progressive grazing methods and some of the newest information on soil amendments. He says the $6 plus corn market has put small and efficient grass cattle, like the South Poll, more and more in demand. “Tender beef off grass, especially when we look at profit per acre, is what our breed is all about,” he said.

Preregistration for the two-day event will be needed, with a $50 per person fee being charged by the association for entrance to all the activities. Youngsters 16 and under will be admitted free. Anyone registering after June 15 will be charged $85.

A free lunch will be served on Friday and Saturday with a free wiener roast being offered Friday evening after the tour of the Voss farm.

Registration may be sent to the South Poll Association, c/o Jerry Voss, P.O. Box 109, Linn, Mo., 65051. Call Voss at 573-694-1681 for more information or visit our website at

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