The twenty eight calves being developed for the February 23, 2013 Bull Sale are progressing as planned for this stage of their lives. Bulls on Test 2012-1 have a current average daily gain (ADG) of 3.52 pounds at 70 days after weaning, while bulls on Test 2012-2 are gaining 3.57 pounds per day at 56 days post weaning. These gains reflect true gain from the day calves came off of their mothers as there is no “warm up” period in the Spitzer Ranch testing program. Average weight for all bulls is right at 900 pounds at roughly 305 days of age which is actually quite amazing with the rough lives they had from birth to weaning; and no creep feed.

History indicates these calves total ADG from weaning to yearling age will fall somewhere around 3.25 pounds per day and bulls will average being 1300-1400 pound plus, long yearlings by sale day. That is certainly an adequate post-weaning gain to be able to sort bulls as to genetics for yearling growth and performance. Additionally, since these bulls have been developed on grass with supplement and not in a feedlot setting, they will be hard without carrying excess fat. Spitzer Ranch bulls typically measure only one quarter inch (0.25”) of outside fat when ultrasound scanned at about one year of age.

Average SPITZER RANCH BRANGUS BULL EPDs are BW = -.02, WW = 29, YW = 55, MK = 16, TM = 31, SC = 0.6, REA = 0.38 and %IMF = 0.03. Compare these to the average BRANGUS NONPARENT BULL EPDs of BW = 0.08, WW = 24, YW = 43, MK = 11, TM = 23, SC = 0.5, REA = 0.37 and % IMF = 0.11. Spitzer Ranch bulls out shine breed averages any way they are evaluated. It is even more useful to think about these bulls as to their Top Percentile Rank among all Brangus Nonparents. The EPDs for the average bull to be offered by Spitzer Ranch ranks in the Top 25 percent for both lighter BW and yet more WW, the Top 20 percent for heavier YW, the Top 15 percent for both more MK and greater TM and the Top 35 percent for larger SC when compared to the average for Nonparent Brangus EPDs.

Think about that for a moment. Where else can you find an extra stout set of Brangus bulls with BW EPDs averaging a full pound less than breed average and at the same time YW EPDs that generate twelve pounds more growth than breed average? The Spitzer Ranch program has always and forever been focused around producing bulls with “curve bender” genetics to sire those easily live-born, but fast growing calves sure to put pounds on the ground and dollars in your pocket. It's their genetic plan and it works for them and their many bull customers. They are confident it will also work for you.

Additionally, if you need bulls to breed to “first time heifers,” 14 of the 28 bulls will earn the Spitzer Ranch Calving Ease Flag. Calving Ease Bulls are those with breed average (or lower) BW EPD and no more than a 79 pound birth weight. While there are no guarantees as to never having to pull a calf from a first calf heifer, these criteria sure eliminate genetics on the bull side from being a problem.

The 2013 SPITZER RANCH PROFESSIONAL CATTLEMEN'S BRANGUS BULL SALE and CUSTOMER COMMERCIAL BRANGUS FEMALE SALE are scheduled for Saturday, February 23, 2013. You are invited to investigate the Spitzer Ranch Program, their cooperators and customers, and learn how SPITZER RANCH BRANGUS GENETICS can increase the profitability of your cattle operation. A full listing of sires and complete and total performance data on all bulls being offered for sale will be available in the Spitzer Ranch Winter 2013 Newsletter slated to go in the mail right after Christmas. The Spitzer Family extends to you a personal invitation to have your name added to their rapidly growing mailing list. Just call 864/972-9140, write SPITZER RANCH, 1511 HWY 59, Fair Play, SC, 29643 or send an email note to spitzeranch@ mindspring.com. Be sure to learn more about their program by visiting their website at www.srbulls.com and you might enjoy following their posts and QUOTE OF THE WEEK on Facebook.

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