Houston - The American Brahman Breeders Association (ABBA) is not only the organization that registers and promotes the country's purebred Brahman herd, it also boasts two percentage female programs that may be the solution to many cattlemen's drought-centered issues. The ABBA F-1 Certification program is the industry's leading commercial female program. It recognizes the Brahman's heat tolerance and efficiency, and takes advantage of its ability to harness maximum hybrid vigor when crossed with traditional European breeds. The American Brahman generates the kind of first-cross (F-1) offspring the nation's cattlemen need: versatile, functional, practical.

Many commercial cattlemen are using the F-1 cow as their base female. This is due to her hybrid vigor, or heterosis, that is second to none. Heterosis is the increased performance a crossbred calf exhibits over its purebred parent and is achieved when animals of two nonrelated strains are crossed. Maximum heterosis is achieved by crossing two different species. Because one-half of her pedigree is Bos indicus, and the other half is Bos taurus, the Brahman F-1 female garners maximum hybrid vigor.

As a result, she outperforms both her straightbred parents in different traits. Not only does she have increased milk production, higher fertility, and wean heavier calves, but because her parentage is one-half Brahman, she's bred to adapt to harsh environmental conditions, resist diseases and parasites and last up to 50 percent longer.

Cattlemen across the country can utilize this package of practical traits to add value to their herds. The Brahman F-1 Female is a profit driver that will enhance returns in almost any environment. Her profitability is proven.

Her percentage offspring only add to her value. They exhibit the same heat resistance and efficiency as their F-1 dams, while still qualifying for traditional marketing programs. Brahman percentage females have the versatility to thrive in all climates. She's equipped to sustain cooler northern weather while still maintaining drought tolerance, which ensures efficient productivity in hot, dry conditions.

Plus, ranchers can improve their bottom line by injecting Brahman genetics into cattle they send to the feedlot. Percentage steer calves are more efficient in the feedyard than their straightbred counterparts and still qualify for many branded beef programs that make them eligible to receive premiums. Brahman percentage steers are the most efficient and profitable in all feeding situations.

Golden Certified (progeny of two registered parents) and Certified (progeny of a registered sire and purebred/non-registered dam) F-1 females guarantee maximum heterosis and improve upon the positive traits gained from both parents, making her the most versatile female in the beef industry.

To expand on the versatility of the Golden Certified/Certified F-1 cow, the ABBA recently launched the F-1 PLUS program to offer these sought-after genetics to a broader region of the country. The F-1 PLUS female is the progeny of a Golden Certified/Certified F-1 cow and any registered breed sire. Depending upon the desired amount of Brahman influence, the F-1 PLUS female can fill the bill.

"With the improved genetics of both parent breeds of the F-1 cow, as well as her noted versatility, it only makes sense that producers utilize her," said ABBA Executive Vice President Chris Shivers, "She has truly earned the title "Queen of Cow Country.'"

The American Brahman Breeders Association is the world registry for Brahman cattle, the #1 beef breed for efficiency, hybrid vigor and environmental adaptability. For more information on the ABBA and its annual convention, visit

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