New beef products go through a rigorous, calculated process from concept to launch. However, once they're out on the shelves and into the hands of our consumers, these new products help drive beef demand and ensure a market for cattle producers in the United States. New beef products really are the cornerstone of the future: As consumer attitudes and desires change, the checkoff's Beef Innovations Group changes along with them and delivers products consumers want.

“These products are great for on-the-go consumers shopping at convenience stores, but maintain a strong ‘at-home' application as appetizers and even as quick bites at some casual restaurants,” says Bruce Dopslauf, vice-chair of the checkoff's new product and culinary initiatives committee and Cattlemen's Beef Board member from La Grange, Texas. “By taking a new beef cut, introducing it to consumers, and showing them how to prepare it, we are meeting their needs and all-the-while keeping demand for our product growing.”

Coming this month!

J.M. Garret Foods, Inc., is in the introductory phase of rolling out three new fun appetizer products loaded with beef and other quality ingredients. The new products are great for people on-the-go who either want a quick lunch or dinner, or for the “4th meal” crowd who want an afternoon snack to get them through the rest of the day. Each product is designed to be either deep fried or baked in an oven.

Though the sell-in phase is just beginning, the company will be targeting regional and national accounts throughout the U.S. and is approaching traditional foodservice operators and distributors, retail delis and convenience store operators.

Here's the lineup:

Philly Cheesesteak Bite: Seasoned steak pieces and cheese combine with onions and green peppers to provide a true cheesesteak experience in a golden-brown breading.

Beefy Queso Bite: Seasoned ground beef blended with queso sauce and then coated with a golden-brown flour tortilla flakes.

Rueben Bite: Corned beef surrounds Swiss cheese and is enrobed in a golden-brown breading speckled with caraway seeds.

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