Kansas City, Mo. — Tyler Coleman, Modesto, Calif., and his heifer H B/R Addison 2018 ET, won the polled show and Bailey Buck, Madill, Okla., came out ahead in the 204-head horned owned heifer show at the 14th annual VitaFerm® Junior National Hereford Expo in Kansas City, Mo., July 21.

The owned heifer show was sponsored by UMB Bank, Kansas City, Mo. Trans Ova Genetics, Sioux Center, Iowa, donated a flush for both the polled and horned grand champion females.

The reserve grand champion owned polled heifer banner went to Trent Ray, Abingdon, Ill., with Chez Strawberry Wine ET 204Z. Coleman also won reserve grand honors in the horned show

Judge Frank Ward, Orland, Calif., said the cattle were “just amazing” and all the divisions and even classes were really deep. “Congrats to all of the breeders, exhibitors, kids and families for all their hard work and travels they put into getting their cattle presented.”

The polled show included 573 females with Coleman's heifer, a January 2012 daughter of TH 223 71I Victor 755T, being slapped as the champion. She first won division IX and showed with expected progeny differences (EPDs) of birth weight (BW) 3.1 weaning weight (WW) 53, yearling weight (YW) 86, milk (MM) 17 and milk and growth (M&G) 44.

Buck's heifer, Happ Kool Aid Points 1218 ET, first won division IV and is a March 2012 daughter of DeLHawk Kahuna 1009 ET and showed with expected progeny differences (EPDs) of birth weight (BW) 5.0, weaning weight (WW) 59, yearling weight (YW) 94, milk (MM) 25 and milk & growth (M&G) 54.

Ray's reserve champion heifer is a September 2012 daughter of CRR About Time 743 and showed with EPDs of BW 2.1, WW 53, YW 87, MM 26 and M&G 53. She first won division III.

Coleman's horned heifer, H Kinsey 2508 ET, won division II champion honors first and is a September 2012 daughter of H Payback 807 ET and showed with EPDs of BW 3.0, WW 55, YW 83, MM 32 and M&G 59.

Buck was named the junior premier breeder and Mattie McMahon, Ayr, Neb., was the junior premier exhibitor. Adult premier breeder honors went to Hoffman Herefords, Thedford, Neb., for the second year in a row.

Winning the female get-of-sire award was a group by DeLHawk Kahuna 1009 ET. Oklahoma juniors took the top state group of five honors, with California being second.

Also, new this year was the Super States contest. Split into small states (less than 25 head of cattle at the JNHE) and large states (more than 25 head), each state earns points for juniors placings in the showring and in other contests throughout the week. California won the small states division and Oklahoma won the large states category.

Polled division results

Division I champion: Amanda Bacon, Siloam Springs, Ark., with Bacon Ms Ariana 1305 by Harvie Dan T-Bone 196T.

Division I reserve champion: Dylan Kottkamp, Clayton, Ind., with EKS BLF Miss Kay DWK A01 by C New Era ET.

Division II champion: Cash Langford, Okmulgee, Okla., with Langfords Cinderella 2400 ET by BR DM TNT 7010 ET.

Division II reserve champion: Nicholas Torrance, Media, Ill., with RST NST Faith 44Z ET by H W4 Grizzly 0146 ET.

Division III reserve champion: Braden Schovanec, Garber, Okla., with Chez TR Miss Outcross 2734Z by Golden Oak Outcross 18U.

Division IV champion: Mattie and Harrison McMahon, Ayr, Neb., with MCM Lacy Rev B242Z ET by MSU TCF Revolution 4R.

Division IV reserve champion: Jacob Sims, Edmond, Okla., with Showtime Breathless 228 ET by H Excel 8051 ET.

Division V champion: Rebecca Moore, Madill, Okla., with NCD Champion Zenzie 247 by Golden Oak Outcross 18U.

Division V reserve champion: Payton Vogel, Hartley, Iowa, with MAV Cotton's Blessing 221Z by BH Mr Kutter 3011 ET.

Division VI champion: Brooke Brumley, Orovada, Nev., with BF 144U Sweet Talkin 2105 ET by TH 75J 243R Bailout 144U ET.

Division VI reserve champion: Cole Moore, Madill, Okla., with BK Zailey 252 by STAR TCF Shock & Awe 158W ET.

Division VII champion: Brooke, Brady and Ben Jensen, Courtland, Kan., with KJ 968R Zsa Zsa 686Z ET by MSU TCF Revolution 4R.

Division VII reserve champion: Brooke Brumley with BF 144U Sweet Thing 2103 ET by TH 75J 243R Bailout 144U ET.

Division VIII champion: Nicholas Delaney, Lake Benton, Minn., with JDH PCF Imma Fancy Cracker 125 by AH JDH Cracker Jack 26U ET.

Division VIII reserve champion: Chloe Cox, Tulsa, Okla., with STAR Amazin 176Z ET by STAR TCF Shock & Awe 158W ET.

Division IX reserve champion: Whitney Walker, Prairie Grove, Ark., with Purple SV Coco 8Z ET by CRR About Time 743.

Division X champion: Jacob Sims, Edmond, Okla., with RRO TRM Grace 1125 ET by STAR TCF Shock & Awe 158W ET.

Division X reserve champion: Emily Sennett, Waynetown, Ind., with JTH Living Loving Maid Y96 ET by STAR TCF Shock & Awe 158W ET.


Horned division results

Division I champion: Kelley, Mark Geoffrey, Jordan and Nathan Largent, Kaycee, Wyo., with L3 Lady Gear 328 by L3 Ram Boy 821 ET.

Division I reserve champion: Shelby Cowan, Rossville, Kan., with DD Miss Solution 328 by H5 Solution 064.

Division II reserve champion: Rylee Barber, Channing, Texas, with BR Alexis Texas 2161 by BR Golden Spread Dan.

Division III champion: Kaitlin Nicolas, Montrose, Colo., with JCS 310 Dominette 2458 by JCS 4743 Ram 0310.

Division III reserve champion: Caleb Benedict, Dewey, Ill., with BH 02X Christina 13Z by BH Vortex ET.

Division IV reserve champion: Shayne Myers, Colusa, Calif., with H JT DeLHawk Annsley 2140 ET by Golden Oak Outcross 18U.

Division V champion: Korbin Collins, Flanagan, Ill., with Purple SV Gypsy 27Z ET by Purple Kingsley 23X.

Division V reserve champion: Brad Holden, Valier, Mont., with H SM Kelley Marie 2012 by CL 1 Domino 886U.

Division VI champion: Kelsey Stimpson, Melba, Idaho, with C 88X Notice Me 1313 ET by NJW 98S R117 Ribeye 88X ET.

Division VI reserve champion: Jonathan Chachere, Dayton, Texas, with GKB EJE New Era Breeze B174 ET by C New Era ET.

The 2013 VitaFerm Junior National Hereford Expo was sponsored in part by Biozyme Inc., St. Joseph, Mo. The NJHA is one of the most active junior programs in the country with approximately 3,000 members. The NJHA's mission is to create and promote enthusiasm for the breed while providing opportunities through leadership, education and teamwork. For more information about the NJHA, visit www.jrhereford.org.

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