Joplin, Mo. – The American Brahman Breeders Association (ABBA) offered educational and networking opportunities at their Four State F1 Field Day held at the Joplin Regional Stockyards on Saturday, May 10, 2014. Beef industry producers and breeders from Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas gathered for a day of educational presentations on Brahman influence crossbreeding and open discussions on producer experiences with F1 cattle.

ABBA President Ricky Hughes, DVM of Donalson, Arkansas kicked the day off by welcoming all in attendance. Dr. Hughes said that this field day program in a non-traditional area is part of the greater outreach efforts of the ABBA to spread the word of Brahman genetics to the commercial cow world.

Nationally recognized USDA-MARC retired research leader of genetics and breeding research, Dr. Larry Cundiff, opened discussions with presenting the science of the F1 cow. Cundiff touched on the details of his studies on the traits of thirty-seven diverse cattle breeds and his discovery that crossbreeding can improve production and cattle survival in many areas. He also presented his findings that Brahman influenced cattle weaned off heavier calves, were more adaptable and produced longer than other breed crosses. He also concluded that the F1 cow and her female offspring made ideal cows for the four state area.

Chris Shivers, ABBA Executive Vice President, followed with an overview of the ABBA F1 & F1 Plus Certification Program and the premiums that were received as a result of producer participation.

The highlight of the day's activities was the producer panels where local cattlemen told of their experiences; which included Kelly Barnard of Madison, Kansas; Jesse Bolin of Walnut Grove, Mo.; James Bozeman of Malvern, Ark. and Archie Ladd of Sparta, Mo. All of which, told of how Brahman and Brahman influenced cattle work in their areas; especially in the Fescue Belt, increased their weaning weights, topped the markets when sold and are very easily handled. Archie Ladd summed it up best with saying, “without Brahman blood in my herd I would likely not be in business today.”

Attendees also heard from Joplin Regional Stockyards Representative Chris Byerly on marketing the steers from both the F-1 cross and the progeny of the F-1 cow. Byerly talked of steers, notably from the F-1 cow, topping his market as well as any market in the country. Additionally, he encouraged producers to utilize the F-1 cow due to her superiorities and the increased profitability of her offspring.

The last speaker of the day, Robert Bergner of Hitch Feeders I in Hooker, Okla.; noted that the Brahman influenced steers fed extremely well due to their efficiency, as well as hung a lean carcass that would hit the Choice grade. Bergner has fed a number of Brahman influenced cattle ranging from purebreds down to 1/8 blood.

J. D. Sartwelle, Jr., ABBA Vice President, who acted as program moderator, expressed “The first ever ABBA F1 Field Day in the four state area found a receptive audience that had a familiarity with F1 Brahman crosses and their progeny.” Sartwelle continued with saying, “the program in the Show-Me State showed off the F1 cow and her abilities.”

The ABBA thanks the generous sponsors with helping make this event such a success: American Brahman Review, American Hereford Association, Etta Cattle Company, Joplin Regional Stockyards, Positive Feed, LTD, RDG Marketing, and Sartwelle Brahman Ranch.

For more information on the ABBA F1 Program, visit or contact Chris Shivers directly at or 713-349-0854.

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