The ABBA National Brahman Show will be held in Hattiesburg, Miss., October 2-7, 2017 at the Forest County Multi-Purpose Center.

This show will include exhibitors representing states from across the U.S. exhibiting high quality Brahman genetics.

As part of the show, ABBA will be hosting a Judging Seminar for college judging teams to learn more on the Standard of Excellence in judging American Brahman cattle.

Because of the success of International Brahman Performance Summit hosted recently by the Research & Breed Improvement and International Committees, ABBA will again host another Performance Summit, Wednesday, October 4 at K-Bar Farms, Hattiesburg, Miss. Key international leaders representing countries throughout Latin American will travel to the U.S. to meet with ABBA representatives to collaborate and gain insight to the international perspective of the ABBA's current and purposed performance programs and initiatives. This is an example of programs developed by ABBA to maintain their strong market share across the world. Efforts such as this help ABBA develop and initiate strong marketing campaigns to promote Brahman cattle's genetics worldwide. It is efforts such as these that help ABBA maintain their leadership role on a global basis and help with the increased demand for American Brahman genetics worldwide.

After the Summit an International Field Day will take place at K-Bar Farms with lots of food, fellowship and entertainment. U.S. producers will have a unique opportunity to meet with fellow breeders from across the U.S. as well as international visitors who will be coming from across the world. The American Brahman breed is a global breed several commitments from producers outside of the U.S. for their participation have already been received.

Anyone interested in the show or sponsorships contact: American Brahman Breeders Association, Attn: Armelinda Ibarra, 3003 S. Loop West, Suite 500, Houston, Texas, 77054, 713-349-0854.

Schedule of Events

Monday, October 2:
5:00-8:00 p.m.      -- Cattle Move In

Tuesday, October 3:
9:00-12:00 -- Weights & Measures
1:00 p.m. -- Judging Seminar
3:00 p.m. -- All Cattle Must be in Place & Checked In

Wednesday, October 4:
9:00-12:00 -- International Brahman Performance Summit
1:00 p.m. -- International Field Day @ K-Bar Farms

Thursday, October 5:
8:00 a.m. -- Open Brahman Show - Females

Friday, October 6:
8:00 a.m. -- Open Brahman Show Bulls

Saturday, October 7:

Headquarter Hotel: Hilton Garden Inn, 133 Plaza Drive, Hattiesburg, MS 39402. Tel: 601-261-3770. Rate: $129 plus tax. Deadline: Sept. 11, 2017.

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