overseeder advice.. lnd pride/befco/ greenscape/etc...

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overseeder advice.. lnd pride/befco/ greenscape/etc...

Post by waterman74 » Thu Oct 26, 2017 11:19 am

Hey everybody,

I'm looking for advice on an overseeder... I'm looking for an all in one type seeder that will plant annual rye and oats in existing rough weedy pasture, and also plant soybean or cowpeas into the same type pasture, ideally my cows would graze the pasture short as possible, but there are parts that are rougher than others. I have an old JD 2020 and a grey market Mitsu 3850, 54 and 43 hp respectively.

So far I have been looking at...
Land pride OS1572
Befco Greenrite/JD TR2058
Greenscape 600/Frontier CS1360
Jacobsen 458
Toro/Olathe 93

Ideally I would want to conserve soil moisture with a slit type seeder, but the conservation seeders may be the way to go, especially if the slit type pto powered seeder will not do the beans/peas.

Does anyone have any experience with one or more of these seeders?


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