LED shop lights

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Re: LED shop lights

Postby Texasmark » Thu May 31, 2018 7:00 am

Stocker Steve wrote:Does using a 4' link cable provide a reasonable spacing distance?

How would you mount them in an unfinished building with exposed rafters?

My shop is 30x50 wood trussed every 5' ft, 12' floor to bottom of the truss. On the trusses with them installed, I wired duplex receptacle outlets along the center of the trusses on the 2x4 the builder used to stabilize the trusses....running along the bottom to keep them from tipping over. The receptacles are daisy chained to a light switch at the entrance door along with a switch for the work bench lights.

I use the chains provided and just use a wood screw to attach the chain to the bottom horizontal span of the truss, centered between the wall and the center of the building. The power cords are only 4' and don't reach but WW sells a 6' 2 wire extension cord for a couple of bucks that will reach over to the duplex.

My lighting density desires are not high enough for me to mount them butt to butt but if you want to you can...daisy chain to your heart's content.
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Re: LED shop lights

Postby Nesikep » Thu May 31, 2018 10:44 am

We still have fluorescent lighting in our shop, 8x4 tube 4 footers.. we're just waiting for the novelty and price of LED's to come down a little.. when they're all on it's 1kw of energy consumption
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Re: LED shop lights

Postby Ky cowboy » Fri Jun 01, 2018 11:12 pm

ClodHopper37869 wrote:
Ky cowboy wrote:We bought some led bulbs that have the ballast built in. Use the same fixtures just rewired and did away with the ballast.

Do you remember the brand or have you got a link to the vendor ??

No I got them from my cousin. He ordered them from China I think, he was pretty vague. I know he ordered several 100 and has been peddling them. Sorry
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