Ringing a 2nd year show bull help

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Ringing a 2nd year show bull help

Postby herefordhandler16 » Fri May 27, 2016 10:48 am

I have a Hereford bull I showed last year that was a January calf so he was just a baby and I did not put a ring in him. I am showing him this year and he is pretty good sized for his age. I've never used a perminant ring before and I was hoping for some this on how this is going to work out.

How long will it take the ring to heal?
Is it going to be harder for me to work with him with a ring at this age?
Is it okay for me to halter him/wash him and the usual daily grind while the ring is healing?

I'm a little nervous about this. My little baby is not little at all anymore.
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Re: Ringing a 2nd year show bull help

Postby Boot Jack Bulls » Fri May 27, 2016 3:47 pm

It will take about a week to be less tender/sensitive.
No, it will actually make life easier in the long run.
Yes, just don't plan to clip a lead on it for a few days, as it will be sore.

Also, I recommend you have another person actually put the ring in if you are his primary handler. They will remember who did it for a while, so if you plan to keep up on his wash/work schedule, its usually best if he doesn't attribute the sore nose to you! Some might say this is over cautious or giving the cattle too much credit, but I've got enough show bulls to prove it is worth it to have someone else do it.
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