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Whats y'alls opinion

Posted: Fri Sep 02, 2016 3:43 pm
by tazzer
Ok so we are new to showing, my daughter started show last year with a nice brahman heifer and she spoiled us.

this year shes showing her again but decided to show a steer also for our local show.
Heres the deal

I bought a nice pasture bull calf, but I did not get him until he was about 7 months old, when I picked him up I took him straight to the vet , which is my concern. He was half calm when we loaded him, you could rub on him and he loaded fine but with a few other heifers I got also. but when I took him to the vet they cut him, tagged, wormed and dehorned him.
the dehorning is where I think things got messed up. they burned his horns even knowing he was going to be a show steer.
once they let him out of the shoot he went blastic and ran the vet all the way up the ally and then rammed the gate breaking the hinge. im thinking the bad experience at the vet may have ruined him.
We had them put a halter on there and around the 5th day of feeding and just talking and hanging out with him I picked his lead up and buddy let me tell you he went nuts and charged me but i knew not to let go even being sideways on the panels I was able to get him tied to it. should have a had someone taking a video :lol2:

its been three weeks and he still get nervous when I go into the pen and will lower his and paw but I can pick up his lead rope and he lifts his head back up. Im thinking I may have rushed things to soon but not so sure it would not matter after
everything he went thought at the vet Im thinking his trust is not going to be regained. iv slowed everything back down to just feeding him and he will come up for a treat if hes close to the gate if not he wont budge to come get it, and we go about our normal stuff in the barn and have a radio going all the time.

Guess what im asking is do yall think I should have brought him home and worked him before taking him to the vet?
just tring to learn for the next one. Iv not givin up on him but is he dont calm way down she wont be showing him and putting her and the other kids at risk/./ thanks taz

sorry for the long read and any bad grammar, typing fast and doing other things as I type :oops:

Re: Whats y'alls opinion

Posted: Fri Sep 02, 2016 4:22 pm
by VCC
When our calves get dehorned for shows it is done surgically, and they knock them out. They put them under for 2 reasons it is easier and they have no idea what happened, many calves has been set back or ruined because of dehorning while they were conscious.
You may never get him right again, and if you do it will take a while.
Slow and steady to build up his trust, and you may want to put him on some melatonin to take the edge off him so he can calm down long enough to find out you do not want to hurt him.

Re: Whats y'alls opinion

Posted: Sat Sep 03, 2016 8:27 pm
by BC
I think you already figured it out. It is always better to get the calf halter broken and leading before you dehorn. 1) You have the animal's trust; 2) the stress of weaning, going on feed and strange surroundings are enough to start out with and 3) it is difficult to work with one when his/her head is sore plus you take a chance on opening up the wound.

Can you put the heifer in the pen with the steer? She will be a calming effect on him. Have your daughter tie the heifer to feed and then put the steer's feed tub next to the heifer's but where she can not eat out of it. Have her talk to both animals and just scratch him with stick as he eats until he settles down.

Re: Whats y'alls opinion

Posted: Sun Sep 04, 2016 2:35 pm
by tazzer
thanks we have a while before the show so im going to give him sometime and see what we can get done. He's coming to the feed and will smell our hands to see if we have anything for him before he backs away so i have something to start with anyways lol