Help!! Clipped steer too short!

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Re: Help!! Clipped steer too short!

Post by VCC » Thu May 04, 2017 9:47 am

Clip him down, but do not clip the leg hair or the belly hair ( that hair does not grow back as fast). Keep him out of the sun, rinse twice a day, and put him in front of fans during the day. As far as keeping wet, that actually is not a good thing, you can rinse and let the fans blow on them for a while (30 minutes) to dry out some, you want to be brushing while this is going on. Shagg or something like it will help but the biggest help will be BRUSHING, BRUSHING,BRUSHING, shade (dark is better), fans and time. We put or calves in the barn during the day, with fans on them from dawn to dusk, rinse when we put them in, brush and blow them and work a little sheen into the hair. Then rinse in the evening, brush and blow out, and add any hair product you are using. We add the hair product in the evening so they do not get any sun on them while it is in the hair. Wash once a week, (we used of market Head and shoulders) we also put main and tail cream rinse on them twice a week. After rinsing we put a quarter sized dollop in a 5 gallon bucket fill the bucket, then we dip the tail in the bucket first ( makes it easy to comb out any Knots) then pour the bucket down their back from tail head to poll. Leave it in and just brush and blow them dry.

A wet steer will actually get hotter if it is warm out. The body heats the water in the hair and actually it is hot to the touch after a while. That why we will leave them wet for a little while behind the fans because the evaporation will help cool them, if left wet without the fans they will get hot. With the humidity in Florida it would only be worse.

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Re: Help!! Clipped steer too short!

Post by Jeanne - Simme Valley » Mon Jun 12, 2017 1:13 pm

Listen to DLD - shave him & lots of rinsing, shade & brushing.
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