Kids showing

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Kids showing

Post by Turkeybird » Mon Sep 18, 2017 2:33 am

Whats the best age to start kids showing cattle, and what would anyone that's done this do differently looking back on their experiences. Any information is welcome

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Re: Kids showing

Post by VCC » Tue Sep 19, 2017 10:21 am

Our started after they had raised a hog, so around 10, in 4H they had to be 9 to show large animals (hogs ,beef, lambs) .
The most important thing the first year is a calf they can handle, something dog gentle with a good attitude. Winning is not important, having a good experience, learning, and enjoying the project are key.
The project is a lot of work, they have to ready to spend the time daily, as a parent you have to prepared to spend just as much time with them and their project as they are. You do not need to buy everything new, nor do you need all the latest stuff, it is something you will accumulate over time. You will need a blower (try a find a used one or rebuilt), show stick (needs to fit the child, if it is too long it is a burden for them,the calf and you), rice root brush, and a scotch comb.
A place to work with the calf and a wash rack (we built ours out of road base with concrete mixed into the top layer compacted down, held up for 8 years)
Rinsing and blowing out a calf everyday, is one of the best ways to get one use to being handled, they tend to be better off at the end, if they have been handled everyday. We did not walk them much, from pen to wash rack, was rack to tie out, back to pen.
Use the show stick everyday, make them set up at the end of working with them, they get used to the stick and most calves enjoy being scratched.
It is a long project, do not get in a hurry, if you can make a little progress with leading, setting up, things like that everyday, you're winning.
It was a great experience and my boys learned a lot about hard work, responsibility, disappointment and success. I would recommend it for every kid in America, we would be better off.
Hope that helped.

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Re: Kids showing

Post by ClinchValley » Sat Nov 11, 2017 7:26 am

Have a step daughter who turned 1 on Wednesday. I hope she continues to show interest. She moo's off and on all day long. Hope we one day take on the 4H adventure. I can see the 4H experience building the kind of character our world seems to be letting go of. Wish I had been involved in it when I was a wee lad.

As soon as she starts walking pretty good, I hope to take her with me more..
Lemme pick your brain. :cowboy:

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