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Postby Michelle Pankonien » Thu Nov 11, 2004 11:08 am

I would say, having shown as a junior and in the open shows, I found the open shows to be more heavily political,

The you scratch my back, I'll scratch rules seem to apply but only sporadically

I have to say I was on both ends, as a small producer and a nobody really I kicked some major but doing what they said could not be done, I beat some of the big wigs under judges who didn't care what the outside politicos had to say or think, I have found that when you get down to brass tacks it is neary impossible to beat a great cow/heifer, bull when the competition is just not up to parr, and you also have to be willing to admit when the competition is better than you, which of course is hard to you when you are already biased to your own bovine that you have raised and are emotionaly invested in
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